(materials are in Croatian)

Academic year 2015/16__________________________________________


Winter term

Office hours: Monday 12-13 (FER, ZPM, d180)

  • teaching assistant for the course Mathematics 3R, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing


Academic year 2014/15__________________________________________


Summer term

  • lecturer for the course Mathematics II, Military Engineering undergraduate study programs at Croatian Military Academy "Petar Zrinski"
  • curriculum:
    • sequences and series; Taylor series
    • vector functions
    • multivariable calculus
    • ordinary differential equations
    • Laplace transform with applications
  • my lecture notes for the course available at https://vojni.unizg.hr/predmet/mat2 after login, or HERE


Winter term

  • lecturer for the course Mathematics I, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing
  • exercises for the course Stochastic processes (graduate level)



Academic year 2013/14_______________________________

Summer term:

  • lecturer for the course Mathematics II, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing
  • lecturer for the preparatory course Elementary mathematics, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing

Elementary mathematics e-learning (prepared in collaboration with: Lana Horvat Dmitrovic (in charge), Domagoj Kovacevic (in charge), Ana Zgaljic Keko, Tomislav Buric)




Previously: 2007-2013___________


Teaching assistant for the courses (Faculty of electrical engineering and computing):

  • Mathematics I,II,
  • Mathematics 3R (Fourier series, Laplace transform, Combinatorics, Introduction to graph theory),
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Stochastic processes (graduate level)

2007/08 Part-time teaching assistant for the course Mathematics (Faculty of economics and business)






  • Popularization article discussing chirp solutions to differential equations with their sounds written in collaboration with Sanja Grubesa, PhD, from Department for electroacoustics, FER:

                             Grubesa, S., Resman M., Sikic, T., Zubrinic, D: How one hears the dimension $\sqrt 3$?,

                             Poučak 58, 2014. (in Croatian)


         Link to a web-page with sounds of chirps made by Sanja Grubesa (idea by Darko Zubrinic)