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Alex Grossmann 1930-2019 distinguished Croatian-French mathematician a founder of Wavelet Theory

Alex Grossmann (Alexander, Alexandre) was born in the city of Zagreb, where he completed his studies of Physics at the University of Zagreb, and earned his PhD in 1955, at that time employed at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Croatia's capital. He spent the period between 1955 and 1965 in the USA, working among others at the Insitutute of Advanced Study, Princeton, and at the Courant Insitutue of Mathematics, NY. Since 1965 he was employed at the University of Marseille in France. This Croatian-French mathematician is considered as a father of Wavelet Theory, due to his groundbreaking joint work with French geophysicist Jean Morlet in 1984. He was a thesis advisor to distinguished Belgian physicist and mathematician Ingrid Daubechies.


Mervan Pašić Croatian mathematician invited by Japanese colleagues

Dr. Mervan Pašić, professor of Mathematics at the University of Zagreb, visited Japan from November 11-22 2009 upon the invitation of Japanese mathematicians: Yuki Naito, Hiroyuki Usami, Tetsutaro Shibata and Jitsuro Sugie. He delivered an invited lecture at the University of Hiroshima and a plenary lecture at the University of Kyoto. The cities of Kyoto and Zagreb are twinned since 1972.


Mladen V. Wickerhauser Croatian American mathematician

Mladen V. Wickerhauser is Croatian American mathematician working at Washington University St. Louis, Missouri. His field of professional interestes is in the wavelet analysis and signal processing. In March 2009 he visited his native Zagreb and delivered a lecture at the Department of Mathematics, PMF, University of Zagreb. Dr. Željko Hanjš, University of Zagreb, made a very interesting interview with him.


Professors Z. Drmac and K. Veselic received prestigeous SIAM math prize

Two distinguished Croatian mathematicians, professors Zlatko Drmač, University of Zagreb, Croatia, and Krešimir Veselić on the photo, professor emeritus of the University of Hagen, Germany, received a prestigeous 2009 Linear Algebra Prize from the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics - SIAM, for the best scientific work published in the preceding three years.


Jaksa Cvitanic a leading expert in Mathematical Finance

Jakša Cvitanić is Professor of Mathematical Finance at Caltech. Prior to joining Caltech in 2005, he held positions as Professor of Mathematics and Economics at USC and Associate Professor of Statistics at Columbia University. He is regarded as a leading expert in mathematical finance. Professor Cvitanić was born in the city of Split, Croatia, and completed his studies of mathematics at the University of Zagreb.


Professor Mladen Bestvina associate editor of the Annals of Mathematics

Professor Mladen Bestvina is associate editor of the Annals of Mathematics since 2006, one of the most prestigious mathematical journals in the world. He completed his studies of mathematics at the University of Zagreb before he moved to the USA. Professor Bestvina is distinguished professor of mathematics at the University of Utah. He is a member of the editorial board of Glasnik Matematički, a Croatian math journal.


Jacob Jake Matijevic 1947-2012 NASA engineer of Croatian origin father of Curiosity rover on Mars

Jacob (Richard) Matijevic, also known as "Jake" Matijevic, (3 November 1947 - 20 August 2012) was an American NASA engineer of Croatian origin who worked on Mars Exploration Rovers. Dr. Matijevic, PhD in Mathematics from the University of Chicago, was involved in developing the "Sojourner", "Spirit", "Opportunity" and "Curiosity" rovers. For his contributions to the rover projects, NASA named several landmarks (including "Matijevic Hill" and "Jake Matijevic" rock) for him on the planet Mars.