FER professors join the EU Union...

We are proud to announce that our professor, Davor Škrlec, has been appointed as one of the members of the Reference Group for the EU's Union Space Programme (2021-2027) ! The programme aims to provide high quality and up-to-date secure data, services and information related to space when necessary. Additionally, the programme intends to maximize socio-economic benefits, with an emphasis on encouraging the development of innovative and competitive European upstream and downstream sectors, including SMEs and start-ups. This will help in securing more employment opportunities within the EU as well as promoting the widest possible acceptance and use of data, strengthening the security and protection of the EU and its Member States, and strengthening the autonomy of the EU.

You can learn more about the Union Space Programme here.

Other FER members of the Reference Group include: Associate Professor Dubravko Babić, Assistant Professor Josip Lončar, Assistant Professor Dario Bojanjac and Stefan Cikota, PhD.


Author: Sara Jovanović
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