Energy savings in Europe and Croatia

The RTL show on August 31, 2022, RTL DIREKT also featured our Prof. Željko Tomšić, Ph.D., who reported on the energy saving measures of the  Government of the Republic of Croatia.

The theme of the talk was energy savings in Europe and Croatia. Prof. Tomšić explained why the government's measures come too late.

In the program, the RTL reporter measured the temperatures in hospitals, shopping malls, trains, airports and at FER to see if the government's recommendations are being followed.

Prof.  Tomšić emphasized the difference between energy savings and energy efficiency because energy savings lead cost savings, but at an expense of health and user comfort, so the impact of individual saving proposals should be carefully weighed. He emphasized that energy efficiency means achieving the same level of comfort, service, or production at lower energy costs, while conservation, for example, reduces comfort (wearing thicker clothing due to lower temperatures, etc.).

The relevant broadcast is available here.


Author: Sara Jovanović
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