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Sara Jovanović
2022-01-28 at 10:29,

Marko Delimar is running for the position of the Dean!

We are pleased to share with you a big announcement – our professor Marko Delimar is running for the position of the Dean of FER!

Marko has our support of his candidacy as well as the support of the current Dean.

As the (former) vice dean for education and the head of our study programme in Šibenik, he pushed boundaries and created new opportunities for students and staff.

We are confident that as dean he would continue to do this at an even higher level.

Sara Jovanović
2022-01-24 at 10:53,

Webinar on „Fast Frequency Control in Low Inertia Grids“

Dr. Vivek Prakash, our postodoctoral researcher, will be presenting at a webinar on „Fast Frequency Control in Low Inertia Grids“ organised by the IEEE PES Student Chapter, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur.  The webinar will be held on January 29th from 03:00 until 04:00PM (India standard time). Anyone interested can apply for free here.

Marija Tafra
2022-01-13 at 15:25,

An HRT documentary about our Demand Response Lab

The paradigm of the power system is changing: aside from the fact that we will mostly get electricity from renewable energy sources in the future, electricity consumers will no longer be passive but instead active consumers. In light of this, our researchers presented our so-called ''smart kitchen'' (a household that stores, consumes and produces energy on its own) on the Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) show titled Prometej. This type of household actively participates in balancing the power system! The smart kitchen is integrated into the Demand Response Laboratory (DR Lab) and is comprised of electricity consumers just like any other household. It is connected to solar panels (which we recently wrote about) on the roof of FER. In addition to these panels, there is an electric vehicles charging station as well as a battery energy storage that is stationary and can be charged and discharged as needed. Our researchers are also working on developing an application to manage all of these devices which are connected to WiFi.

Here, you can watch the entire short documentary and hear from part of the project team, including professor Hrvoje Pandžić, Marija Miletić, Nikolina Čović and Bruno Malbašić:

Bravo for this big step in the development of infrastructure that will contribute to researching technologies for decarbonisation in the power sector!

Sara Jovanović
2022-01-11 at 09:38,

"Rikard Podhorsky" award goes to professor Kuzle!

Our professor Igor Kuzle has won the "Rikard Podhorsky" award of the Croatian Academy of Engineering! Professor Kuzle has significantly contributed to the scientific and professional advancement in the application of various concepts of smart grid management. These concepts are aimed at increasing the flexibility and efficiency of power systems which are under conditions of uncertainty created by mass integration of renewable energy sources. Congratulations! :)

Sara Jovanović
2022-01-10 at 15:15,

Participation in the program "DRUGA STRANA"

Professor Grgić was hosted on the HRT television show titled Druga Strana where he gave an interview on the topic: ''Are nuclear power plants becoming socially acceptable?''

The entire interview can be viewed here.

Marija Tafra
2022-01-07 at 09:35,

Another doctoral defense by student of ZVNE's retired professor Sejid Tešnjak

We are proud to announce that our retired professor Sejid Tešnjak mentored his 23rd doctoral student through a successful thesis defense. Last month, Vladimir Valentić from HOPS (the Croatian Transmission System Operator) defended his thesis titled "An independent electricity producer with a built-in system for reducing carbon dioxide emissions". Congratulations to both Vladimir (in photo above) and his mentor!


Sara Jovanović
2021-12-15 at 13:29,

Research papers by our assistants were published in prestigious journals

Our young assistants and professors ended this year in the best possible way 😊 Research papers by Matija Kostelac and Mirna Gržanić were published in the prestigious journals Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (IF: 14.982) and Applied Energy (IF: 9.746). These journals are among the best and most respected in the field of energy. Mirna's article is titled "Prosumers as active market participants: A systematic review of evolution of opportunities, models and challenges", while Matija's article is titled "Uncertainty modelling of an industry facility as a multi-energy demand response provider". Both of our colleagues conducted their research within the IMAGINE project lead by FER's professor Tomislav Capuder and funded by the Hrvatska zaklada za znanost (Croatian Science Foundation) and HEP ODS.

Bravo, rock on guys! 😊

Sara Jovanović
2021-12-08 at 12:24,

Christmas is here!

This year, we can proudly say that the ZVNE has the most beautifully decorated Christmas tree! First, our "big" helpers assembled the tree stand, attached and spread out the branches and then set up the tree in the hallway. Then, on Sunday after enjoying the Saint Nicolas theatrical show at FER, our "little" helpers came to add a bit of their own magic which gave us the final product which you can see in the photos. Thanks kids. You're great! ❤



Marija Tafra
2021-12-01 at 15:46,

Our department dominates the award ceremony at FER

Every year in late November our Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) gives a number of awards at the annual FER Day celebration and our department is proud to have received several notable awards. 
A Bronze Plaque ‘’Josip Lončar’’ was awarded to our recently graduated Masters student Otto Heide, who launched his career at the Croatian Transmission System Operator (HOPS Ltd.). Our PhD students who graduated in 2021, Zora Luburić, Kristina Pandžić and Ivan Pavić, received the Silver Plaques ‘’Josip Lončar’’ for extraordinary PhD theses. Only five such awards were given this year and our exceptional researchers received three of them! All three awarded PhDs were defended according to the so-called Scandinavian system, as they all published three or more papers in renowned research journals. 
Furthermore, FER awarded our assistant professor Božidar Filipović-Grčić the science award for outstanding research results in the last five years, while our Smart Grid Lab (SGLab) headed by professor Igor Kuzle received the award for the laboratory with the most internationally recognized group of researchers at FER. Finally, this year’s best PhD student in the power systems PhD program is Matej Krpan who was awarded the Frano Luetić award.
This year, aside from attendees from scientific, educational, economic and military institutions, the ceremony was also attended by esteemed guests from the government, including the President of the Republic of Croatia Zoran Milanović, the State Secretary at the Central State Office for the Development of Digital Society Bernard Gršić, and the Mayor of the City of Zagreb Tomislav Tomašević who addressed the audience at the beginning of the event. The dean of FER, Gordan Gledec, PhD, also gave an impressive and memorable keynote speech in which he emphasized the need to stimulate entrepreneurship, especially startups, innovation and research. 
The Department of Energy and Power Systems is grateful to have been able to support the works of its highly recognized faculty and staff and it is exceptionally proud of their achievements!

Link to the video recording of the event:

Photos from the event can be found below.


Sara Jovanović
2021-11-25 at 09:53,

Matej Krpan wins the "Frano Luetić" award

We are proud to announce that our doctoral student Matej Krpan has been awarded the "Frano Luetić" award for the year 2020/2021 by the FER faculty council for excellence in postgraduate studies in the field of electrical power engineering.

Matej earned this award for coauthoring 14 journal papers (of which 10 are Q1/Q2) and 13 conference papers (of which 3 received excellent paper awards), for peer-reviewing more than 60 papers for renowned journals and conferences, and for more than 30 industrial studies for electric utility companies and private investors during his 5 years at the FER - Department of Energy and Power Systems.

Congratulations Matej! Keep up the good work!

The "Frano Luetić" award was established in 2019 on the initiative of the Luetić family who also donate the monetary prize to award winners. Previous winners are now postdoctoral researchers at our Department, Ivan Pavić (2019/2020) and Ninoslav Holjevac (2018/2019).