The students’ organisation KSET (SS FER) organised a two-day excursion to various electrical power facilities and organisations with support from our department and IEEE PES Croatia Section. The trip attracted students from all academic levels, from the first to the final year at FER. For the younger participants, this excursion served as an enlightening opportunity to explore the intricacies of power engineering, potentially aiding them in their academic and career decisions, while for the more senior students in attendance, the trip was a valuable exercise in bridging the gap between theory and practice.

The journey began on the 6th of November, with a departure from Zagreb at 8:00 AM. The first leg of the trip brought the students to Krk, where they were granted the privilege of participating in a lecture by Mateo Kirinčić hosted at the communal company Ponikve. Notably, Ponikve is recognized for its advanced green infrastructure in Croatia. During this visit, the students had the opportunity to explore the company's dispatch center, led by Silvio Giorgolo, gaining insights into the state-of-the-art technologies that underpin its operational excellence.

Following the enlightening visit to Ponikve, the group proceeded to Njivice and convened at the Kijac Community Center. There, activist Vjeran Piršić delivered a captivating presentation on the history of energy transition on island Krk, their energy cooperation and energy community. The day concluded as the students reached Rijeka, where they were granted a free evening to explore the vibrant city.

The second day of the trip, on the 7th of November, began with the departure from Rijeka at 9:00 AM. The students embarked on a visit to the Lešće and Gojak Hydroelectric Power Plants, owned by HEP Proizvodnja Ltd., which provided valuable insights into hydroelectric power generation, a pivotal aspect of renewable energy production.

The afternoon brought the students to Ogulin, where they engaged in a workshop that included a quiz and a project presentation by Tomislav Capuder from ZVNE, FER regarding SOLAR005, affording them a hands-on experience in the realm of renewable energy. The trip concluded with lunch and social gathering at the Frankopan Hotel in Ogulin.

This two-day educational excursion left an indelible impression, imparting valuable knowledge regarding green infrastructure, energy production, and energy transition to the participating students.


Project PowerTrip was granted funding from the University Student's Centre in Zagreb and the Student Union of the University of Zagreb.

Project SOLAR005 (Fotonaponski sustav za proizvodnju električne energije za vlastite potrebe u mrežnom radu SE-FER-005 – Faza 1) is financed by Island, Liechtenstein and Norway through Financial mechanism European Economic Area (EEA) 2014.-2021. and by Republic of Croatia through national programme Energy and Climate Change.



Author: Marija Miletić
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