Slavica Robić defended her thesis...

On Thursday, September 2, 2021, Slavica Robic, Assistant Managing Director at North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA), defended her thesis “Method for defining energy poverty threshold based on energy, climate, social and health indicators”, mentored by professor Slavko Krajcar. Her research has contributed to a better understanding of energy poverty as a multidimensional problem which requires a systematic approach. Research has shown that living in energy poverty results in adverse impacts on physical and mental health with decreased ability to take part in activities within the community. The tested method is based on an analytical hierarchy process by which decision-makers can analyse the situation and determine the criteria and measures for mitigating energy poverty. The presented research offers solutions applicable in practice, but also lays a good foundation for further research. Research leading to this thesis has been published in several scientific and expert papers, studies and policy proposals including a chapter in a book.

Selected publications:

Goran Grdenić, Marko Delimar, Slavica Robić, Framing the context of energy poverty in Croatia: A case-study from Zagreb, Energy Policy, Volume 147, December 2020, 111869

Slavica Robić, Branko Ančić. Exploring Health Impacts of Living in Energy Poverty: Case Study Sisak -Moslavina County, Croatia, Energy and Buildings. Volume 169, 15 June 2018, Pages 379-387.

Slavica Robić, Ivana Rogulj, Branko Ančić (2018) Energy poverty in the Western Balkans: adjusting policy responses to socio-economic drivers. In: Simcock, N., Thomson, H., Petrova, S. and Bouzarovski, S. (eds.) Energy Poverty and Vulnerability: A Global Perspective. London: Routledge

Lidija Živčič; Tomislav Tkalec; Slavica Robić. Energy Poverty: Practical and Structural Solutions for South-East Europe. Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 4(9), pp. 789 - 805.

Bukarica, Vesna; Robić, Slavica. Implementing energy efficiency policy in Croatia: Stakeholder interactions for closing the gap, Energy policy. 61 (2013); 414-422

Slavica Robić (2016). Energy Poverty in South-East Europe: Surviving the Cold. Report.



Author: Sara Jovanović
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