Ivan from RASCO gave lecture about...

We are always honored when our alumni friends and collaborators from the industry come to FER and give an invited lecture in one of our classes. This year, once again, Ivan Franicevic from RASCO d.o.o. company gave his view on project management and risk management in the class with the same name. By skipping the “boring” theory this week, Ivan gave a practical insight into everyday challenges and issues they, as a innovation company, are facing daily, and offered his two cents on best ways to manage risk in different types of projects. Over 200 students had the opportunity to listen to his lecture and were almost unanimous in grading the lecture with the top mark. Thank you Ivan and we hope to host you again in the upcoming years!

Also big thank you to our Tomislav Capuder and Mirna Gržanić who made this possible.

Author: Sara Jovanović
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