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New project in the...

New project in the “Internationalisation of Higher Education” framework

Marko Tucaković

FER signed a contract worth around HRK 1.8 million for project “International University Graduate Programmes in Electrical Engineering and Computing” (FER-IN). Company Schneider Electric will be partner on the project, FER will be the project coordinator, and prof. Marko Delimar, PhD, will be the head of the project. The projected duration of the project is 24 months. The aim of the project is to develop three new modern university graduate study programmes in electrical engineering and computing in English language, to increase the number of experts in STEM area, increase the inflow of foreign students to Croatia and improve two-way mobility of students and teachers. The programmes will be formed in accordance with the best models in the world and will meet the long term needs of three target groups (students, staff of higher education institutions and employers).

Adrijan Barić receives the “Fran...

Adrijan Barić receives the “Fran Bošnjaković” award for 2018

Marko Tucaković

Professor Adrijan Barić, PhD, was awarded the “Fran Bošnjaković” award at the session of the Senate of the University of Zagreb held on Friday, 28 September 2018, for outstanding results in scientific, educational and professional work and the promotion of a scientific discipline and profession. Professor Barić was presented with the award during the ceremony marking the University of Zagreb Day, on 3 November 2018, at the Croatian National Theater.

388 Degrees conferred at October...

388 Degrees conferred at October Graduation Ceremony

Branka Marijanović

On Saturday, 27th October 2018, the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall hosted Master of Engineering Graduation Ceremony for graduates who defended their graduate theses in July and September 2018. 126 Master of Science in Electrical Engineering graduates received their diplomas at 9.00 am Ceremony, while 65 Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology graduates and 197 Master of Science in Computing graduates received their diplomas at 12.00 pm Ceremony. Vice Dean for Education, Assistant Professor Mihaela Vranić, PhD, led the event, while he Faculty dean, Associate Professor Gordan Gledec, PhD, and student representatives addressed the students. In the Graduation Ceremony Committee were also present Vice Dean for Research, Associate Professor Nikola Mišković, PhD, and Vice Dean for Management, Associate Professor Mario Vražić, PhD. In the musical part of the event, Academic Choir "Ivan Goran Kovačić" performed for the Graduation ceremony participants. Afterwards, joint photographing of new Masters graduates was organized. The event photos will be available early in November. Congratulations to new Masters graduates!

FER Academic Men's Choir wins...

FER Academic Men's Choir wins gold at the Croatian national Choir competition

Branka Marijanović

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Academic Men's Choir won the golden plaque at the Croatian national Choir competition! The 51st gathering of Croatian choirs was held on 6th and 7th October 2018. This national competition of best choirs of Croatian counties was organised by the Croatian Cultural Association. By winning the May competition, FER Men's Choir was placed at the state choir competition where it represented the County of Zagreb and took the first place. After 30 years, our choir is the first male choir in the state competition! In the competition part, the Choir participated with the following compositions: "Mercy" (M. Demović), "Široka je" (E. Cossetto), "Sutra će te ponit" (K. Magdić) and "Jadrana" (J. Gotovac). In the musical part of the event, the choir performed "Ti, samo ti" (M. Jelavić) and "Juliška" (M. Škoro). Both former dean, Full Professor Mislav Grgić, PhD, and the newly elected dean, Associate Professor Gordan Gledec, PhD, gave their support to the Choir. The winning plaque confirms the quality of this youngest and largest male choir in Croatia and is an overture to a new choral singing season, with the Choir performances and tours ahead of us. Congratulations to mo. Josip degl'Ivellio and our boys!

Prof. Igor Kuzle awarded the National...

Prof. Igor Kuzle awarded the National Science Award

Gordan Gledec

Prof. Igor Kuzle was awarded the National Science Award for the year 2017. This is the most prestigious Croatian scientific award and it was awarded to prof. Kuzle for his outstandind contribution in the field of smart grid applications in the transmission system. The official ceremony will be held next month in the Croatia Parliament. The committee for awarding the National Science Awards of the Croatia Parliament has reached the decision elaborated on the following link:  Decision on National Scientific Award winners for the year 2017 .