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FER successfully completed the...

FER successfully completed the sustainable energy investment project

Petra Škaberna

In recent years, FER has implemented a number of infrastructure and development projects in the field of sustainable energy : two smaller solar power plants and a number of battery tanks were installed, its own energy consumption management system was developed, charging stations for electric vehicles were installed... But, with the new project "Photovoltaic system for the production of electricity for own needs in grid operation SE-FER-005 – Phase 1", everything has been raised to a higher level. The new solar power plant has a power of 600 kW and, together with the battery tank, will cover about 50% of FER's electricity consumption. In addition to energy renovation, which is planned, and its own energy system management system, FER is becoming a unique flexible energy hub. FER thus clearly demonstrates its scientific, educational and professional orientation towards sustainability, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. In this context, the Study of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources, which FER conducts together with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FSB) and in cooperation with the City of Šibenik, is worth noting, and which trains unique energy experts.

Presentation of the Croatian Quantum...

Presentation of the Croatian Quantum Communication Infrastructure (CroQCI)

Ira Vince

The Croatian Quantum Communication Infrastructure ( CroQCI ) project presentation took place on May 7, 2024, in the National and University Library hall. As the leader of the fourth Work Package of the CroQCI project, FER is responsible for the space segment of quantum communications . The project involves a team of scientists from the Department of Communication and Space Technologies (ZKIST): Prof. Dr. Dubravko Babić as the project leader, Assist. Prof. Dr. Josip Vuković as a team member, and Assist. Prof. Dr. Josip Lončar, Bruno Skendrović, Jasna Janković, and Mate Jagnjić as technical leaders, along with Assist. Prof. Dr. Marko Horvat from the Department of Applied Computing. For the educational package within the sixth Work Package of the CroQCI project, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saša Ilijić from the Department of Applied Physics is responsible on behalf of FER.

A team of scientists at FER has...

A team of scientists at FER has developed a technology for monitoring light pollution from low Earth orbit

Petra Škaberna

The first phase of the "Light-Pollution Characterization Module" project was successfully completed in December 2023. The FER-ZKIST team handed over the module to the European Space Agency, which commended the project and recommended its continuation. Do you know how night-time light alters life on Earth? To what extent is the increasing light pollution harming insects, animals, humans, and plants? Night-time light obscures the night sky, disrupts natural biological rhythms, affects health, leads to energy waste, hinders enjoyment of the night sky, and complicates astronomical observations. Studies indicate that artificial light illuminating the Earth has been increasing at an annual rate of 10% over the past 12 years.

Lecture: "How Many Words is A...

Lecture: "How Many Words is A Picture Really Worth? On Training and Evaluating Large Vision-Language Models"

Lucija Petricioli

IEEE Croatia Section's Computer Chapter would like to invite you to the following lecture: How Many Words is A Picture Really Worth? On Training and Evaluating Large Vision-Language Models which will be presented by Goran Glavaš, PhD on Wednesday , 29th May 2024 at 10:00 o'clock in the Grey Hall of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. All those interested are welcome, especially students. The lecture will be held in English. The author's biography and the lecture's summary can be found below.

FER management in Novska: The future...

FER management in Novska: The future of video game industry development

Petra Škaberna

At the invitation of the Minister of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy Marin Piletić and the Mayor of Town Novska Marija Kušmiš, the FER management, led by the dean prof. Vedran Bilas, at the beginning of May 2024 visited the Pismo incubator and Novska High School. In addition to the dean, the delegation from FER consisted of vice-deans prof. Stjepan Bogdan, prof. Jadranko Matuško and prof. Bojan Trkulja, and associate professor Mirko Sužnjević whose area of interest is the development of digital games. The hosts introduced the guests to the work of the Pismo incubator, introduced them to some of the 80 young entrepreneurs who are developing their interesting projects in the incubator, and presented them with the concept of the new campus, which includes a faculty building, a student dormitory and a company accelerator. During the meeting, they also discussed the development of university undergraduate and graduate study programs in English that will attract international candidates. The meeting ended with a visit to the Novska High School, from which the first generation of video game development technicians will graduate within a month! It is also interesting that the mentioned program of technicians is carried out according to textbooks and a draft curriculum that was created by a consortium in which FER also participated.

FER professors in the Scientific...

FER professors in the Scientific Council for Medicine and Technology of HAZU

Sven Lončarić

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, the founding assembly of the Scientific Council for Medicine and Technology of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) was held in the hall of the HAZU Library. This, 19th scientific council of the Academy, was established in April 2023 by the decision of the HAZU Assembly, and will primarily deal with key scientific, developmental and educational topics of medicine and technology . It is the first scientific council of HAZU, whose work is jointly coordinated by two Academy classes - the Class for Medical Sciences and the Class for Technical Sciences. The Scientific Council has 60 members, among whom are ten professors and assistant professors of FER: prof. Vedran Bilas , PhD, assistant professor Jelena Božek , PhD, prof. Mario Cifrek , PhD, associate professor Alan Jović , PhD, prof. Igor Lacković , PhD, academician prof. Sven Lončarić , PhD, associate professor Željka Lučev Vasić , PhD, prof. Ratko Magjarević , PhD, associate professor Tomislav Petković , PhD, and prof. Marko Subašić , PhD. Members of the Executive Board of the Scientific Council for Medicine and Technology are academician prof. Sven Lončarić , PhD, and prof. Ratko Magjarević , PhD.

Team UNIZG-FER won first place in the...

Team UNIZG-FER won first place in the MBZIRC 2023 competition

Petra Škaberna

The UNIZG-FER team, consisting of researchers from LABUST (Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies) and LARICS (Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems), won first place in the recent MBZIRC (Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge) 2023 competition! The challenge was to search for the target ship in a large sea area and recover objects of interest using a system consisting of an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and several unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in GNSS-denied operation . The competition took place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in January 2024. Despite considerable difficulties and an extremely challenging task, the team emerged victorious, performing impressively in all three rounds of the competition . This is a significant recognition for our laboratory and the culmination of all our work over the last years. We look forward to all future projects and opportunities arising from this recognition.

FER Alumni Foundation - We create...

FER Alumni Foundation - We create equal opportunities for excellence together!

Petra Škaberna

The FER Alumni Foundation invites members of the Alumni community and everyone else to get involved and help FER students on their way to excellence . More than 25,000 FER students walked the halls of the faculty, sat at the same desks, learned from the same professors, but each student, today's FER alumni, had his own path and his own story. Only the roof was always shared by everyone. Our students come from all over Croatia, from different families, different financial opportunities and social circumstances. All of them come to FER full of enthusiasm, desire and ability to achieve - excellence!