Additional photovoltaic capacity...

On Monday, July 26, we connected another set of solar panels to the grid. At this point, FER has 84 kW of installed photovoltaics capacity. Under the assumption that each kW of installed photovoltaic capacity in Zagreb produces around 1100 kWh of electricity, this power plant reduces FER's electricity bill by over 90 thousand HRK per year (1 kWh of electricity in high tariff costs around 1 HRK). Additionally, we are performing peak shaving which reduces our power payments by a couple hundred HRK per month. The photovoltaics installation at FER is an ongoing activity which is led by our research assistant Hrvoje Bašić, with the help of the entire Department of Energy and Power Systems. They were installed with the support of the Croatian Science Foundation, European Social Fund and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

With finalizing this installation, we are already starting new projects that will result in new photovltaic capacity on FER's rooftops. 

Author: Hrvoje Pandžić
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