DINGO does not only exist in Australia 😆

We love a good challenge and when our colleagues from HELB and Sedam IT asked us to join them in the #DINGO project we did not hesitate for a second. Over the last two years we have been developing a set of solutions with the goal to empower our distribution system operator (HEP ODS) to become an enabler of the energy transition. The black box of the low voltage grid will soon, hopefully with the help of our solution, become more efficient and in turn able to integrate higher shares of low carbon technologies such as PVs or electric vehicles. The algorithmic part of the solution is developed by FER (FER - Department of Energy and Power Systems) but our colleagues from HELB and Sedam IT are to be credited for turning it into a market ready product. We would not be able to do any of this if our colleagues from HEP ODS were not there to provide us inputs, data sets and pilot sites where our solution is currently being tested and verified.
Last week, our friends and colleagues from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek (Danijel Topić, Goran Knežević, Šljivac Damir, Kresimir Fekete, Srete Nikolovski, PhD. MSc. Dipl.ing. SMIEEE, zvonimir klaic, Tomislav Matic, Emmanuel Karlo Nyarko, Marinko Barukčić, Mario Vranješ, Josip Balen) have invited us to present above mentioned results in a Special Session at the SST 2022 conference in Osijek. Our team, which presented these results, was: Terezija Matijašević, Tomislav Antić and Tomislav Capuder. Thanks again for hosting us at one of the most enjoyable conferences there is! We are already looking forward to the next SST 2024 event. 🎉
We would also like to thank HAMAG-BICRO - Croatian agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments for funding us and assisting us with so many things through this entire process.

Tomislav Capuder Tomislav Antić Terezija Matijašević Ivan Sudić Kristina M. Sven B. Goran Jurišić Tomislav Geceg Stipe Rebić Vedran Đidara, PMP Ivan Periša Igor Žarkić Ivica Hadjina Jurica Majcen

Author: Sara Jovanović
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