Our Department won the organization...

Thanks to the great efforts of Professor Igor Kuzle, our Department won the organization of another flagship IEEE PES conference. 🙌

We are extremely honored to announce that the 14th IEEE Power and Energy Society Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe (IEEE ISGT -Europe) will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in October 2024. The conference addresses powergrid modernization and the applications for a wide use of information and communication technologies for more intelligent operation of electric power systems and integration of renewable and distributed energy resources.

A large number of our Department members will be involved in the organization:

Professor Igor Kuzle - General Chair
Assistant professor Ninoslav Holjevac - Co-chair
Professor Hrvoje Pandzic - Technical Program Chair
Tomislav Baškarad, PhD - Local Organizing Committee Chair
Matija Zidar, PhD- Finance Chair
Assistant Professor Mirna Gržanić - the Publicity Chair
Assistant professor Mateo Beus - Industry Vice-Chair
Assistant professor Goran Grdenić - Publications Chair
Paulina Duckic, PhD - Conference Secretary
Matej Krpan, m.eng. - Web Coordinator

We are looking forward to seeing you in Dubrovnik next year in October.

Author: Sara Jovanović
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