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Around two years ago, with our colleagues from Intis engineering, we embarked one of the most challenging journeys one can take in Croatia – developing of hardware and software product from scratch. The design, dimensioning, optimization, control, hardware, assembly, testing etc. – all this was done in Croatia by our friends from Intis and engineering and us. This week we were finally able to live test what we have been developing. Its always stressful when you “play” with high voltage/currents, but as you can see from the photos the tests were a huge success! And we won’t stop here, so stay tuned from more great news like this. 😄

We thank Hamag Bicro for funding us and assisting us with so many things through this entire process.

Also, big thanks to people who were working on this project: Frane Zdunić, Drago Romić, Tomislav Capuder, Hrvoje Pandžić, Mateo Beus, Mirna Gržanić, Alen Hrga, Bojan Franc

Author: Sara Jovanović
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