New project!

We are deligthed to announce that FER, lead by the team from our department, is starting a new project! πŸ’‘πŸ“ƒ

This time, it is not the typical one, but infrastrucured – we are starting a construction of a new 600 kW solar power plant 🌞 and a battery storage πŸ”‹ unit to support it. With this new system our total capacities will be increased up to 700 kW of PV on the AC side and over 300 kWh of storage in batteries, covering a bit over 50% of total faculties electricity needs and reducing our carbon footprint by 109 tons annually. It also opens up other possibilities and brings additional benefits: not only will we be promoting large integration of renewables, but our students will have the opportunity to be part of FER's living lab, learn, research and develop new ideas based on data collected from the system. πŸ”

We believe this is the first of many good news and projects to come in fulfilling our long term goal of carbon neutrality and energy efficiency. ⚑ ☘

Project is financed by Island, Lichestein and Norway through European economy space 2014. – 2021. with national cofunding of Republic of Croatia in the amount of 690.000 € from the program Energy and Climate Change.

FER is the sole partner in the project and the total value of the project is 815.000€.
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Author: Sara Jovanović
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