Active month filled with conferences...

Last month we were extremely active, disseminating our #research and #results, #promoting the importance of #electricmobility in the future #powersystem.
At the #MIPRO international #conference, Tomislav Capuder gave an invited #lecture on the potentials of #machinelearning in #advancedenergysystems and showed examples of successfully implemented tools within the #DINGO project (with our partners HELB, Sedam IT, HEP ODS) and #bigEVdata project (with our partners HEP d.d. and NEOS). Along with him, Goran Cacic from Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ), Marko Vukobratović from Base58, Vedran Kirincic from Faculty of Engineering RITEH University of Rijeka and many other lecturers presented their projects and #ideas. We thank our colleagues from HEP ODS Ivan Periša, Renato Ćućić and Vitomir Komen for the invitation and organization of an excellent workshop.
Tomislav Capuder, together with our partners Domagoj Puzak from HEP d.d. and Mario Nimac from NEOS gave an invited lecture at the conference #HROUG2022 (Spring HrOUG 2022 - HrOUG 2022 Spring). We are extremely proud of this successful project through which new #chargingstations of various types have been installed throughout Croatia by HEP d.d., and together the partners have developed innovative predictive models that are the basis for #smartmanagement of #electrifiedtraffic. NEOS and Mario Nimac also presented a developed user interface that makes it easier to monitor the behavior of all HEP d.d. charging stations, but also enables #business #decisions based on large amounts of #data.

Our professors Tomislav Capuder and Davor Škrlec jointly organized a CIRED seminar entitled "Ready for the Future: Development and Challenges of e-Mobility in Croatia" where the lecture was given by our colleagues Marko Zlonoga from North West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA), Ivana Culjak from Invento Capital, Maja Rajčić from the for Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Fund (FZOEU), Domagoj Puzak from HEP d.d., Tin Koren from Strujni krug, Bruno Židov from Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP), Tomislav Plavsic from HOPS Croatian Transmission System Operator Plc. and Marina Cavlovic from HEP ODS. Excellent lecturers gave an overview of the current state of #electricmobility in Croatia, but also commented on the opportunities and possibilities and #development projects we are all working on.
On May 19, 2022, the Forum on #Electric and #Gas, #Hydrogen and #FuelVehicles and Solutions for Sustainable Transport Development was held - New Era of Traffic 2022. Our Professor Tomislav Capuder was one of the participants with the topic "Data as the Foundation of Advanced e-Mobility. As part of the lecture, he talked about FER's R&D projects in the field of #emobility, emphasizing the importance of data and predictive models in the development of #electromobility.

Author: Sara Jovanović
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