Students accompanied by 12 group...

On Saturday, October 23, 2021, 70 primary-school students accompanied by 12 group leaders visited the Smart Grid Laboratory at FER as part of the RADDAR program. Doctoral students Mateo Beus and Marija Čuljak showed the students a hydroelectric power plant including all subsystems, battery systems, a charging station for electric vehicles and explained the concept of the entire laboratory as well as the power system in general. Following this, the students paid a visit to the Demand Response Lab where prof. Hrvoje Pandzic presented to them what their smart homes will look like in the future. In addition to showing great interest and curiosity for these topics, our future power system engineers gave us some very innovative suggestions on how to improve the lab. Of course, we invited them to help us turn these ideas into reality!


Author: Sara Jovanović
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