BSc Thesis

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Course Description

The final thesis is a comprehensive and highly independent task where the student has to demonstrate the ability to analyse the given problem from theoretical and practical aspects, devise a solution using the knowledge acquired in multiple courses and literature, implement the solution, write the documentation and instructions for use and/or for further work, to present his or her work in written and oral form. The accent is given on demonstration of ability in all these aspects rather than to force students to pursue some work intensive repetitive activities in order to fully complete a product.

Study Programmes

University undergraduate
[FER2-HR] Control Engineering and Automation - module
(6. semester)

General Competencies

Students are to achieve self confidence in their acquired knowledge, ability to additionally consult the mandatory or supplementary textbooks, consult the advisor with well structured and prepared questions and, in most cases, devise a practical solution of moderate but representative functionality. Last, but not least, they have to present it in a written form, formally, linguistically and ethically correct, prepared on computer, according to instructions, of the average overall size of 30 single spaced A4 pages, what raises their awareness of importance of this ability. Computer prepared transparencies and a 10 minutes oral presentation both serve to train the students how to present their work to specific audience within a given time frame.

Learning Outcomes

Forms of Teaching

Week by Week Schedule

  1. Final work assignment
  2. Work on final thesis
  3. Work on final thesis
  4. Work on final thesis
  5. Work on final thesis
  6. Work on final thesis
  7. Work on final thesis
  8. Work on final thesis
  9. Work on final thesis
  10. Work on final thesis
  11. Work on final thesis
  12. Work on final thesis
  13. Work on final thesis
  14. Work on final thesis
  15. Work on final thesis


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