doc. dr. sc. Tomislav Capuder

Assistant professor, Department of Energy and Power Systems

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  • Control systems
    SCADA systems
  • Education
    Educational programs Electrical engineering education
  • Engineering – general
    Electrical engineering Research and development
  • Intelligent transportation systems
    Geographic information systems
  • Mathematics
    Clustering algorithms Genetic algorithms Heuristic algorithms Machine learning algorithms Convex functions Mathematical programming Least squares approximation Numerical simulation Relaxation methods Optimization Piecewise linear techniques
  • Power engineering and energy
    Electric variables control Current control Electric current control Electrical ballasts Gain control Power control Power system control Bidirectional power flow Load flow control SCADA systems Reactive power control Voltage control Automatic voltage control Energy Energy barrier Energy capture Energy consumption Energy conversion Atomic batteries Batteries Fuel cells Motors Photovoltaic cells Potential well Solar heating Thermoelectricity Waste heat Energy dissipation Energy exchange Inductive charging Energy harvesting Nanogenerators Energy management Demand-side management  Energy conservation Energy efficiency Load management Transactive energy Energy resources Fuels Geothermal energy Nuclear fuels Solar energy Wave power Wind energy Wind farms Energy states Effective mass Orbital calculations Surface states Energy storage Batteries Flywheels Fuel cells Hydrogen storage Supercapacitors Superconducting magnetic energy storage Power engineering Ferroresonance High-voltage techniques Power engineering computing Power system simulation Power generation Automatic generation control Cogeneration Distributed power generation Geothermal power generation Hydroelectric power generation ...Hydroelectric-thermal power generation Microhydro power Picohydro power Magnetohydrodynamic power generation Nuclear power generation Atomic batteries Fission reactors Fusion power generation Power generation control Power generation dispatch Power generation planning Solar power generation Maximum power point trackers Photovoltaic systems Solar panels Trigeneration Turbomachinery Turbines Turbogenerators Wind energy generation Wind energy integration Wind power generation Power systems Hybrid power systems Industrial power systems Power distribution Power distribution faults Power distribution lines Power grids Microgrids Smart grids Power supplies Battery chargers Charging stations Current supplies Emergency power supplies Inductive charging Islanding Power demand Power quality Power system restoration Switched mode power supplies Traction power supplies Umbilical cable Power system analysis computing Power system dynamics Power system economics Power system faults Power system harmonics Power harmonic filters Power system management Load flow Power system measurements Meter reading Power system planning Power demand Power system protection Electrical safety Substation protection Surge protection Power system reliability Power system stability Power transmission Common Information Model (electricity)  Flexible AC transmission systems HVDC transmission Inductive power transmission Static VAr compensators Transmission lines Wireless power transmission PSCAD Pulse power systems Pulsed power supplies Reactive power Substations Substation automation Substation protection Transformers Baluns Current transformers Flyback transformers Instrument transformers Phase transformers Power transformers Pulse transformers Uninterruptible power systems Wind energy integration
  • Engineering management
    Project management Risk analysis Cost benefit analysis Carbon tax Power generation economics
  • IEEE organization
    IEEE Chapters IEEE Sections IEEE Societies 
  • Industry applications
    Sustainable development Waste management Power industry Heat pumps

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