izv. prof. dr. sc. Stjepan Stipetić

Associate professor, Department of Electric Machines, Drives and Automation

Function: Deputy Head of Deparment, Department of Electric Machines, Drives and Automation

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Teaching duties

University undergraduate

University graduate

Postgraduate doctoral study programme


  • Mathematics
    Optimization Optimization methods Design optimization Pareto optimization
  • Power engineering and energy
    Energy Motors Energy efficiency Wind energy Turbomachinery Turbogenerators Wind energy generation Wind power generation
  • Computational and artificial intelligence
    Evolutionary computation
  • Industry applications
    Motor drives Variable speed drives Electric machines AC machines Alternators Brushless machines DC machines Generators Permanent magnet machines Rotating machines Motors AC motors Brushless motors Electric motors Induction motors Permanent magnet motors Traction motors

Students' poll results

Results of Student polls at University of Zagreb:

Grade 4.69 / 5.00 - 2014/2015 - Electrical Machines and Transformers Theory (lecturer)

Grade 4.78 / 5.00 - 2018/2019 - Electrical Machines and Transformers Theory (lecturer in charge)

Grade 4.82 / 5.00 - 2018/2019 - Electromechanical and Electrical Conversion  (lecturer in charge)

Professional memberships

IEEE - Senior Member


EDZ - Electrotechnical Society Zagreb

Personal data

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Employed in this institution since:

List of select projects

Project leader, HYDREL - Synchronous reluctance generators for micro hydropower plants (HYDREL), 1. 11. 2018.-31. 10. 2022., HRZZ - IP-01-2018 (in progress)

Project leader, DOK-09-2018-STIPETIĆ - Career Development Project for Young Researchers - PhD position, supervisor: S. Stipetić, 13. 6. 2019.-13. 6. 2023., HRZZ-DOK-09-2018 (in progress)

Work package leader, MAGEF - Permanent Magnet Machine Technology for Boosting the Energy Efficiency in Traction and Marine Applications , 9. 4. 2013.-8. 4. 2015., IPA 2007-2013 - Component 3 (Science and Innovation Investment Fund – SIIF) (finished)

Researcher, Refurbishment and Operation of Hydrogenerators, Prof. dr. sc. Zlatko Maljković, 1. 1. 2007.-30. 6. 2013., MZOS 2007 – ZP

Researcher, ELTRAC - Advanced Electric Drives for Traction Applications, Prof. dr. sc. Damir Žarko, 1. 10. 2014.-30. 9. 2018., HRZZ - IP-11-2013

Researcher (Marie Curie ER), ADEPT - ADvanced Electric Powertrain Technology, Prof. Elena Lomonova, 1. 10. 2013.-30. 9. 2017., FP7 - PEOPLE-ITN

Hobbies and interests

Hiking, traditional music, ethnomusicology, world music, folk music