Research Support

At the moment, around one hundred research projects are being carried out at FER, as well as dozens of cooperation projects with economic sector. According to the European Commission report, FER is one of the top two institutions in Croatia in terms of successful applications for EU funds.
Research Support Centre

Research Support Centre supports research, work on projects and international research cooperation and supports issues of the intellectual property and technology transfer.

Central Library

The library fund consists of professional books (41,300 volumes), with a very valuable collection of manuals, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and scientific journals (662 titles), and covers the curriculum of the Faculty. 


Research Incentives

Rules for programmes for stimulation of research and innovation provides framework for several research incentive projects, which improves the quality of research activity and research productivity at the Faculty.

Access to Databases

IEEE Xplore is one of the most important digital libraries of scientific and technical articles in the world, covering a third of the world’s literature in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, ICT, as well as many interdisciplinary areas. Every employee and student can access IEEE Xplore base within the IP-address range of an entire University of Zagreb, including the student dormitories.