prof. dr. sc. Damir Žarko

Full professor, Department of Electric Machines, Drives and Automation

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  • Engineering – general
    Electrical engineering
  • Industry applications
    Electromechanical systems Electromechanical devices Motors AC motors Brushless motors Electric motors Induction motors Permanent magnet motors Traction motors Electrical products Manufacturing processes
  • Intelligent transportation systems
    Transportation Land transportation
  • Magnetics
    Demagnetization Magnetic analysis Magnetic devices Magnetic cores Transformer cores Magnetic fields Magnetic flux Magnetic forces Magnetic hysteresis Magnetic losses Magnetic materials Magnets Electromagnets Permanent magnets
  • Mathematics
    Heuristic algorithms Conformal mapping Finite element analysis Numerical analysis Finite element analysis Optimization methods Design optimization Optimized production technology Pareto optimization Ant colony optimization
  • Circuits and systems
    Magnetic circuits 
  • Components, packaging, and manufacturing technology
  • Computers and information processing
    Computer aided analysis Matlab Power engineering computing
  • Education
    Electrical engineering education
  • Electronic design automation and methodology
    Product design Prototypes
  • IEEE organization
    IEEE Senior Members
  • Instrumentation and measurement
    Electric variables measurement Motion measurement Torque measurement
  • Power engineering and energy
    Energy conversion Motors Turbogenerators Wind energy generation Transformers
  • Systems engineering and theory
    Numerical models Computer simulation
  • Vehicular and wireless technologies
    Automotive applications
  • Engineering management
    International collaboration Project management
  • Science – general
    Electrothermal effects

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