prof. dr. sc. Mario Vašak

Full professor, Department of Control and Computer Engineering

Function: head of Laboratory for Renewable Energy Systems, Department of Control and Computer Engineering


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Mario Vašak (born on 13th August 1980 in Bjelovar, Croatia) is a full professor at the Department of Control and Computer Engineering, University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) and he is heading its Laboratory for Renewable Energy Systems. His research interests are in the domain of dynamic systems predictive control with applications to systems from the low-carbon energy sector: wind turbines, energy-efficient buildings, microgrids, water distribution systems and electrified railway transport. He is the main inventor of the US patent for fault-tolerant control of wind turbine generators. He designed the concept of hierarchical and modular energy management in buildings with integrated microgrids for enabling their economically optimal interoperation. He had a leading or collaborator role on several research projects funded by the European Union or Croatian national funds related to implementation of this concept and its verification from the level of consumption control in individual buildings to the level of coordination of infrastructure and buildings in the smart city environment (ERDF ENHEMS-Buildings, HRZZ 3CON, FP7 UrbanWater, FP7 DYMASOS, ERDF FER-KIET). He is the coordinator of the 3Smart project (Smart Building – Smart Grid – Smart City) financed from ERDF through the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme. He is the author or co-author of more than 20 papers in international scientific journals and overall of more than 100 internationally reviewed papers, with overall more than 500 citations excluding self-citation in Web of Science database. He served as president of Control Systems Chapter of the IEEE Croatia Section in period 2014-2017.

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  • Control systems
    Automatic control Power generation control Control design Control engineering Control system synthesis Digital control Fault tolerant control Optimal control
  • Industrial electronics
    Industrial control Process control Predictive control
  • Mathematics
    Dynamic programming Prediction algorithms Estimation Estimation theory Mathematical programming Optimization Cost function Mathematical programming Piecewise linear techniques Piecewise linear approximation
  • Power engineering and energy
    Electric variables control Current control Power control Voltage control Photovoltaic cells Energy management Demand-side management  Energy conservation Energy efficiency Load management Transactive energy Energy resources Solar energy Wind energy Energy storage Batteries Solar power generation Maximum power point trackers Photovoltaic systems Solar panels Wind energy generation Power grids Microgrids
  • Computational and artificial intelligence
    Cooperative systems Artificial neural networks
  • Computers and information processing
    Mathematics computing Matlab
  • Robotics and automation
    Building automation

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Member of Korema since 2004

Member of IEEE since 2008

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