Why Zagreb & Croatia

Croatia ranks highly by safety and life quality and has one of the most enviable lifestyles in the world. According to The Global Peace Index (2021), Croatia is evaluated as the 17th safest country out of 163 countries, and according to the Sustainable development report 2021, Croatia ranks 14th among 165 countries in the Sustainable Development Goals Index.

Croatia has an educated, highly skilled and motivated labour force. Over the past 15 years, the Croatian ICT industry has become deregulated and modernised, which has turned it into an attractive location for ICT recruitment and staffing. Since Croatia joined the EU, the ICT sector has become one of the most propulsive sectors of the Croatian economy and is continuously growing. Global investors actively cooperate with higher education institutions to ensure that the Croatian education system continues to tailor itself to the market’s needs.


The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - FER is located in the city of Zagreb, the vibrant capital of Croatia. With its approximately 800,000 inhabitants, Zagreb is a relatively small, but beautiful and cosy city.

We can proudly say that Zagreb is also a university city - more than 10% of its entire population are students. More than 8,000 teachers and around 70,000 students study at the University of Zagreb, which is the largest and most influential Croatian university. It offers education and research in all scientific, technical, and humanities fields (engineering, biomedicine, arts, social sciences, natural sciences, etc.) It is also the oldest university in this part of Europe, with a centuries-long tradition that has its roots in 1669. Today it offers a high educational diversity through its 31 faculties and 3 academies of arts.

Apart from the many cultural attractions that Zagreb has to offer, such as the Old Town, the Cathedral, National Theatre, or a number of museums and concert halls, there are various types of street events, food festivals, and outdoor concerts that take place throughout the year in the city parks and squares. Every year, one event, in particular, takes over the entire city centre - the Christmas market, voted the best Christmas market in Europe three years in a row.

Zagreb will never disappoint you. Croatians are very warm and friendly people; they love talking to foreigners and most young people speak English very well.

Photo by S. Kaštelan, The Zagreb Tourist Board

Photo by Gordan Gledec, FER

Croatia is famous for its wonderful nature, crystal clear Adriatic Sea, great food and wine, and many other hidden gems. There are two particular "pearls" on the coast - the town of Rovinj in the north, located on the Istrian peninsula, and the town of Dubrovnik at the southern end, recently made famous as the citadel from Game of Thrones!

Generally, it takes only a couple of hours to reach the other part of the country to swim in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, visit magical Croatian islands, or start a hiking tour and explore the beautiful Nature Park Velebit with the breathtaking view of the Kvarner Riviera islands or the famous Plitvice Lakes, the first Croatian national park. We have 19 national and nature parks that make Croatia worth experiencing in many ways.

We are proud to be one of the safest countries, not only in Europe but also in the world!

For the past few years, Croatia has been without a doubt

one of the top destinations in Europe!


Photo by I. Biočina, Croatian National Tourist Board

Photo by L. Esenko, Croatian National Tourist Board

Photo by I. Biočina, Croatian National Tourist Board