Doctoral programme

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is a distinguished higher education institution in the area of technical sciences, scientific field of electrical engineering and scientific field of computing, covered by its doctoral study programme. University doctoral degree provides the highest level of formal education, the central component of which is scientific research and creativity.

FER established its doctoral education programme in 1956. Since then, nearly 800 candidates have achieved doctoral degrees in electrical engineering or computing. The current doctoral study program runs from October 1, 2010 (academic year 2010/2011).

Through the doctoral programme the students develop the specific knowledge as well technical, conceptual and communication skills needed for conducting high-quality research. The programme provides advanced education in a number of electrical engineering and computing disciplines so that students acquire expertise that can be applied in a wide range of academic, government and industrial environments. The programme prepares students for careers in which a strong understanding of technology is required along with an ability to appreciate, understand, and develop their creative potential.