doc. dr. sc. Ana Sović Kržić

Assistant professor, Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing

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Teaching duties

University undergraduate

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Postgraduate doctoral study programme


  • Control systems
    Robot control
  • Education
    Education courses Pre-college programs STEM Computer science education
  • Mathematics
  • Signal processing
    Adaptive signal processing Video signal processing Noise
  • Computational and artificial intelligence
    Autonomous robots Pattern analysis
  • Computers and information processing
    Data analysis Feature extraction Image analysis Image color analysis Image decomposition Image denoising Image enhancement Image recognition Image edge detection Image segmentaton Thresholding (Imaging) Machine vision Saliency detection
  • IEEE organization
    IEEE Educational activities
  • Robotics and automation
    Face detection Educational robots Humanoid robots Robot learning Robot programming
  • Systems, man, and cybernetics
    Human-robot interaction

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