Career centre

FER Career Centre is a central place which offers help to students during their studies and for up to two years after graduation. Students can receive help regarding information, counselling, communication with Student Administration Office, additional forms of education, support for more effective studying, students and employers networking, psychological counselling and other forms of help related to career and personal skill development.


The Centre helps students with their transition from the Faculty to the business world through the system of job offers, additional education, counselling, internship and new contacts. It enables them to actively contribute in their new workplace from the very beginning, with a shortened learning period.


SPOCK helps young entrepreneurs to turn their projects into leading start-ups. University of Zagreb students and those who graduated from their studies in the last two years have a chance to participate in a programme which offers support, leadership and opportunity to learn and develop skills necessary to turn ideas into profitable solutions and successful companies.

SPOCK programme enables start-ups to connect with experts, mentors, investors and partners who share their knowledge, experience and interests.