Master programmes in English

FER offers three master programmes in English. They last two years (4 semesters, 120 ECTS points) and include a Master Thesis in the final semester.
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
profile Electrical Power Engineering

This programme enables students to acquire the competencies to solve complex engineering problems, design sophisticated systems, conduct research and development, and to lead teams in Electrical Power Engineering.

This programme focuses on Sustainable Energy and is completely in line with #NextGenerationEU and #EUGreenDeal. Students enrolled in this programme can look forward to innovative and well-paid jobs on the European market supported by the largest-ever stimulus package. 


Information and
Communication Technology
profile Control Systems and Robotics

The objective of the ICT programme is to enable students to acquire the competencies to analyze and design complex technical systems, and to conduct research and development in Robotics.

This programme, prepares students for analytical thinking and problem solving in one of the most propulsive technological fields – Robotics – including hands-on experience in robotic systems, unmanned aerial and underwater technologies, applications of AI and sensors data analysis.

profile Data Science

Computing programme focuses on the computer as a universal information processing machine, and methods of its application. Students will gain competencies to solve advanced engineering problems, and to conduct research and development in data science.

Profile Data Science provides knowledge in statistical modelling and machine learning for data analysis with applications in complex systems, social networks, knowledge discovery, and other data-intensive applications.