Research strategy

The research and innovation activity of FER in electrical engineering, computing and information and communications technology, along with a strong support to projects in mathematics and physics, is directed to the following social challenges, identified in the European strategic documents, that are also in the interests of economic and service sectors of Croatia.

Smart Integrated Transportation, Adapted to Environment

Electric and hybrid vehicles; intelligent systems for managing vehicles and traffic; communications infrastructure and services in the transportation systems.

Next Generation Networks and Services

Mobile communications and services; future Internet; network infrastructure, virtualisation and cloud services; big data, data mining and decision support systems; co-operative communications; communication among machines and Internet of Things; advanced interfaces and smart spaces; quality of service, and quality of experience.


Inclusive, Innovative and Safe Society

Information society services; social networking; ubiquitous computing; reduction of the digital divide, e-inclusion; assisted communications and services for people with special needs; digital content and creative information management, trust and security in information systems.

Safe, Clean and Efficient Energy

Renewable energy; advanced energy networks; energy efficiency and ecology; information and communication technology to manage energy systems and their efficiency.


Industrial and Service Economy

Cognitive robotic systems and mobile robotics; information and communications systems to support production processes; new-generation of components and systems.


Biomedical engineering; bioinformatics; the application of information and communication systems in health care.


Advanced Materials

Application of nanotechnology in energy conversion, new energy sources and communication systems.



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