Research strategy

For the period from 2019 to 2023, the research and innovation activities of the Faculty in the fields of electrical engineering, computing and information and communication technology, coupled with a strong support to projects in mathematics and physics, will be aimed at solving global challenges and initiating sustainable development and industrial competitiveness in co-operation with domestic and international partners in order to improve their effect.

In accordance with European strategic documents, the research and innovation activities at FER are divided into following activity clusters, which are also in the interest of economic and service sectors of Republic of Croatia:


Tools, Technologies and Digital Solutions for Health and Care; Health Care Systems.

Inclusive and secure society

Democracy; Cultural Heritage; Social and Economic Transformations; Disaster-Resilient Societies; Protection and Security; Cybersecurity.


Digital and Industry

Manufacturing Technologies; Key Digital Technologies; Advanced Materials;  Artificial Intelligence and Robotics; Next Generation Internet; Advanced Computing and Big Data; Low-Carbon and Clean Industries; Space.

Climate, Energy and Mobility

Energy Supply; Energy Systems and Grids; Buildings and Industrial Facilities in Energy Transition; Communities and Cities; Industrial Competitiveness Transport; Clean Transport and Mobility; Smart Mobility; Energy Storage.


Food and Natural Resources 

Environmental Observation; Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Areas; Sea and Oceans; Bio-based Innovation Systems; Circular Systems.