Specialist study

Alongside specialist courses, lifelong education on FER exists in the form of four postgraduate specialist studies, where economy experts get educated in new technologies.


Transformers are the basic and most common element of electrical systems, and their role in the power generation system is of a particular importance. Our aim is to educate specialists in the field of transformers, necessary for the economy, higher education and science.

The regulation of the electronic communications market

The regulation of the electronic communications market is a complex task which requires an interdisciplinary approach that combines knowledge of economy, law and technology, especially information and communication technology.


Information Security

Specialist study of information security helps to meet the growing demand for information security specialists who possess a good balance of analytical skills and business acumen. The program combines security policies, management and technical aspects of information security and risk management.

Railway Electrical Systems

We educate a specialist who will advance the development, design, production and maintenance of railway electrical systems components by using modern methods and insights, and that requires interdisciplinary knowledge.