Apart from the fact that in Europe there is no postgraduate specialist study in transformers, the essential reason for introduction of this study in the education of specialists for transformer production and usage is the necessity to improve research, development, design, production and usage of transformers through inclusion of latest findings from different transformer-related areas.




Transformers are the basic and most widely used elements of electrical systems, and they play a particularly important role in the electrical power system. Transformer production in Croatia has a long tradition, and today there are three big and successful transformer factories in Končar Group:

  • Končar – Power Transformers Ltd.,
  • Končar – Distribution and Special Transformers Inc., and
  • Končar – Instrument transformers Inc. 

The successfulness of these factories is proven on the world market, and, in order to keep and improve their position on the market, they need specialists who will constantly follow the latest findings, and apply them to transformer research, development, design and manufacture.

Electric-power industry owns and manages a large number of various types of transformers, and therefore it needs specialists who will follow new trends in transformer production and management.

Our goal is to train specialists for transformers needed in industry, higher education and research.

Postgraduate specialist study ensure a high level of applied, scientific and instructional work in the transformer field through collaboration of the Zagreb University and Končar Group.