Information Security

Specialist Study "Information Security" contributes to the fulfilment of needs for information security experts that have well-balanced analytical skills and work ability. The program integrates security policy, management and technical aspects of information security, as well as risk management.

Our goal is a high quality postgraduate specialist study that will provide education in information security needed in business sector, state institutions, higher education and science.







Why Specialist Study "Information Security"?


Security problems and a need for information security experts have led to the situation where various courses and certificates are offered on the market. So why choose Specialist Study "Information security"?

Because the Specialist Study "Information security" offers:

  • a wide spectrum of competencies and skills in the field of information security (risk assessment, understanding of technical, organizational and human factors connected with security risks, security policy, information security lifecycle, information security infrastructure, forensics, etc.)
  • integrated view on different aspects of information security
  • mentorship and quality of teaching
  • networking with experts from academia and industry
  • rapid adaptation to current needs and market requirements
  • connection with scientific and professional environment


More information in Croatian can be found here.

Why FER?

University of Zagreb, with its long tradition, is one of the best universities in the region and the best university in Croatia, considering both scientific and educational results.
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is a leading faculty in Croatia in the field of electrical engineering and computer science. It has the greatest number of international projects at the University of Zagreb and a strong and continuous connection with the industry.