Why FER?

FER prepares you for jobs that don't exist yet

The University of Zagreb is the oldest university in South-Eastern Europe, dating its roots from 1669, but keeping up to modern challenges as one of the world's top 500 universities. We are proud to say that the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) is part of that tradition, belonging to the largest and the most influential Croatian University.

Today's Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is a home for a large family of more than 3800 undergraduate and graduate students, 450 PhD students, 200 professors and 300 teaching and research assistants.

FER alumni are highly respected professionals that are exceptionally demanded in Croatian companies in the fields of electrical engineering, information technologies and computing, but also in top technology companies all around the world. You can learn more about how FER helped our alumni in their testimonials from automotive, IT, machine learning and other industries.


Explore, invent, be yourself!

FER hosts more than 250 international and national R&D&I projects, both scientific research and industry collaboration projects.

You can join students working on autonomous systems and mobile robotics in the LAMOR laboratory, by combining multidisciplinary knowledge to develop next-gen robots and autonomous vehicles working on exciting projects in the heart of Zagreb!

Or make your own USV (unmanned surface vehicles) and underwater drones by joining the project in the LABUST laboratory.

If you feel more attracted to flying drones, no problem, we have plenty of opportunities on various projects hosted by LARICS group.

Did you know that world's fasted silicon bipolar transistor HCBT was invented at FER-MINEL?

You can develop your AI and Machine Learning skills and knowledge by joining many groups and labs in FER's Centre of Artificial Intelligence, by focusing on specific fields such as natural language processing, Fintech, bioinformatics, social networking, image processing, and many more. 

The majority of FER's students are involved in R&D&I projects through work on their B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses, there is something for everyone's taste!


A large pool of inventive tech companies for internships

Are you passionate about the automotive industry? Would you like to get a taste of what the engineering of one of the fastest electric hypercars and cutting-edge EV technology in Rimac Automobili looks like?

Or get involved in the development of cutting-edge AI-powered robots by joining the passionate Croatian team Gideon Brothers that makes new and exciting robot designs?

If you want to develop AI that helps millions of children to boost their math skills, become a part of the Photomath development team in Zagreb, best in the class App Store app, that has 220M+ downloads already and more than 2,700,000,000 math problems solved and explained - monthly...

Or be part of Croteam helping them to launch a new release of  Serious Sam, Scum, or Talos Principle franchise?

Did you know that Infobip, the first Croatian unicorn company, was founded by FER alumni?

You can do all that, and much more if you consider participating FER summer internship programme in
more than 250 Croatian companies!


Career development and job opportunities

FER Career Centre is a central place for providing help to students and alumni by offering them counseling, managing extra-curricular forms of education, enabling networking with employers, entrepreneurship, and other kinds of help related to early career development and improvement of personal skills.

Looking for an internship, a student job, or placement after finishing studies? Be noticed by top tech Croatian and international companies at the largest IT-related Job Fair in Croatia hosted at FER each May! Or apply for a one-day Career Speed Dating event to talk with your future employers directly, hosted at FER each December!


Student entrepreneurship - SPOCK

Feel like starting your own company, building the next unicorn, or simply wish to learn more about how to practice entrepreneurship in high technologies within the vibrant interdisciplinary environment? Be sure to boldly go and check SPOCK, our student-friendly startup incubator.

International students about FER...