Student associations

Numerous college, university, state, international and professional student organizations allow you to socialize with colleagues who share the same interests and occupations with you.


FER Students Association

FER Students Association is an independent association operating at FER. Volunteering and self-initiative of students who want to spend their free time creating entertaining and educational programs for their colleagues are the essence of the association.    

Klub studenata elektrotehnike (Electrical Engineering and Computing Students Club), better known as KSET, is a unit within the Association.


Board of European Students of Technology - BEST

Board of European Students of Technology is a nonprofit, voluntary student organization that operates in 33 countries throughout Europe, and has 96 local branches, one of which is BEST Zagreb. BEST Zagreb is present in almost all technical and technological faculties of the University of Zagreb, thus gaining the status of one of the strongest and most active local BEST groups in Europe.



IAESTE Croatia - Local Committee Zagreb - Croatian Association for International Exchange of Students for Technical Sciences

IAESTE (The International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) is an independent and nonprofit association for exchange of students in technical and natural sciences. The Association has been operating in Croatia since 1952, with the aim of providing students of technical and natural sciences with the experience of working with companies and faculties abroad, and emphasizing the international understanding and goodwill among students of all nationalities, regardless of gender, race or religion. Another goal is to provide Croatian employers with highly qualified and motivated foreign students.



eSTUDENT is a student organization initiated by proactive students and teaching assistants with the aim of making the Association and its members the initiators of change, to gain practical experience and to develop a network of knowledge. The Association, projects, workshops and initiatives are led by motivated students, willing to improve the environment in which they live.



EESTEC LC Zagreb (Association of Electrical Engineering Students Europe-Zagreb)

EESTEC LC Zagreb (Electrical Engineering STudents' European assoCiation, Local Committee Zagreb) is a student association operating at FER since 2007. International EESTEC Association was founded 30 years ago in Netherlands. Besides Croatia, the Association operates in another 23 European countries and gathers 49 local committees.


IEEE Student Branch Zagreb

IEEE Student branch Zagreb (IEEE SB Zagreb) is a part of international nonprofit professional organization Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). IEEE was founded in 1884, and now has more than 400 000 individual members in around 175 countries. SB Zagreb was founded in academic year ‘94/’95 and currently has more than 180 active and passive members at the entire University, out of which there are around 20 active members at FER.




Informatics Student Association FER - X.FER

X.FER (Informatics Student Association, FER) has been operating as an association at FER since 2009, when its largest programme, the skill Competitive Programming, was established. The Association was founded by former Croatian informatics competitors, who wanted to share their knowledge with their colleagues.


Student Association for the Promotion of energy Efficiency and Counseling - SUPEUS

Student Association for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Counseling (SUPEUS) is an interdisciplinary association of students who, through their work, raise the awareness of the importance of energy efficiency, sustainable solutions and the necessity of using renewable energy sources.



Youth Research Center - ICM

Youth Research Center is a scientific, research and educational nonprofit student association which aims to encourage young people in the pursuit of research work in physics, biology, chemistry, computer science and engineering.