The Association of FER graduates now has more than 1300 members, and communication with members of the Association takes place primarily through the Association’s website and in the FER Alumni Club.

Taking into account the entire alumni community, and not just members of the Association, Club ID cards are given at every graduation ceremony to all graduate students, as well as to senior alumni at their 50th anniversary of graduation ceremonies.

Faculty invests in Association of Graduate Students of FER (AMAC-FER):

  • in December 2010 the Alumni Club FER was formally opened;

  • in 2012 the Association was granted the representative office space in the immediate vicinity of the Club. The office is designed for meetings of the presidency of the Association and their associates

Association of Graduate Students of FER is actively working on establishing a permanent cooperation of its members with the aim of:

  • improving educational and research activities on FER (former ETF)
  • modernization of the curriculum; permanent professional training of graduated engineers; organization of lectures by prominent engineers in regular classes;
  • helping students with literature, assisting young engineers and mediating with their employment;
  • establishing Foundation in order to improve material conditions of FER activities, as well as granting scholarships for students and young scientific workers;
  • individual equipment and literature donations
  • celebration of significant events and anniversaries related to the development of professions and activities of members;
  • mediation with applications for foreign scholarships for specialization and scientific development of its members;
  • establishing a database of members in order to facilitate mutual communication.

Official Association web page

Each year FER recognizes alumni at a ceremonial Faculty Council session during the celebration of Faculty Day and awards them diplomas to mark the 50th anniversary of their graduation.