Double degree

Agreement between FER and Italian University Politecnico di Milano enables FER students participation in the Double Degree programme. After the fulfillment of all obligations detailed in the contract, the students acquire two titles: Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria (Politecnico di Milano) and the Master of Engineering (FER).

Cooperation Agreement was signed in 2006, and in 2009 the first generation of students who participated in Double Degree Programme returned from Italy to FER, having passed courses with total load of 120 ECTS points and successfully graduated at Politecnico di Milano.

The study programme at Milan is compatible with the study programme at FER, so that upon completing it, students return to FER and complete the master thesis (60 ECTS points) to obtain the second degree, thus finally receiving two M.Sc. diplomas: Master in Engineering degree (Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria the Politecnico di Milano) from the Polytechnic of Milan and the Master of Science degree at FER.

Information on application deadline and enrollment quotas is given for each academic year.

Why participate in the programme?
  • opportunity to acquire two degrees,
  • opportunity to gain new knowledge and experiences,
  • challenge,
  • the programme includes Italian language course - knowledge of another world language - priceless!
  • opportunity to meet new people and rich Italian culture
  • opportunity to gain additional selfconfidence and independence.

All third-year students of the undergraduate study who intend to continue their studies at the graduate level can apply for participation in the programme.