Professional associations

Our students can enroll in one of the numerous professional organizations that bring together professionals from the fields of electrical engineering, information technology or computing.


IEEE is the leading professional organization which aims to encourage technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of mankind. It has about 400,000 members in over 160 countries, 700 of which are in Croatia.



More than 25 000 students graduated from ETF or FER. Former students are gathered in association AMAC-Alumni FER, established in 2000 as the continuation of Association of ETF Engineering Graduates (established on    4 June 1992).




Croatian Society for Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO)


Croatian National Committee CIGRÉ

International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRÉ) deals with issues related to power systems and their components.




Croatian Academy of Engineering is a scientific organization of selected prominent scientists in the fields of technical and biotechnical sciences, which promotes technical sciences, brings together scientists and encourages cooperation between scientists of various technical, biotechnical and other areas, in order to support effective scientific and economic development of Croatia, with no intention of making a profit.


Croatian Information Technology Association

Croatian Information Technology Association is an independent umbrella professional association of institutions and individuals interested in development, promotion and better implementation of information and communication technologies in Croatia. It is a member of CEPIS, IFIP and ITSTAR, and a national holder of licenses for ECDL and EUCIP programmes.




The aim of Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet is to promote and encourage development of open computer systems and Internet in Croatia. HrOpen is not oriented only toward premium technologies, open systems include open computer systems, but also open-minded people who use them.


Croatian Nuclear Society

Croatian Nuclear Society aims to improve the knowledge and methods in the field of peaceful applications of nuclear sciences, technologies and adequate safety culture, and to raise public awareness of the need and the specifics of the use of nuclear technology.



CROMBES - Croatian Medical and Biological Engineering Society

Professional activities of Croatian Medical and Biological Engineering Society encompass ongoing education, counselling and support with the equipment acquisition and standardization in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Croatian Metrology Society


Croatian Audio Engineering Society Section

Professional organization which gathers individuals who work professionally in the field of audio engineering and related professions. The Section is a member of the international Audio Engineering Society, Inc. (AES), based in New York, USA.


Croatian Society for Communication, Computing, Electronics, Measurement and Automation