We are looking for motivated graduates in electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, mathematics or similar technical or scientific fields that would like to advance their carrier into cybersecurity and solve hard problems in the security of information systems, control systems and critical infrastructure by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence, military science, economics, intelligence work, decision theory, and other fields of scientific endeavor. If you like to read and research, you always question what you do, you are creative and have a lots of ideas, and you like to have a certain freedom in what you do, then we have an offer for you. Faculty is an ideal place to work for, and PhD is next step in your development as a top expert.

We have the vacancies in several projects, already started or soon to start:

  • security of control systems, in particular electrical power grid;
  • secure communication in industrial control systems, with possible application in vehicles;
  • data security in cloud computing;
  • simulation of security incidents, and automating attacks and defenses using AI/ML;
  • monitoring security of IP ranges and domains;
  • cybersecurity of ships.

We don’t expect you to know much, or anything, about cyber security because you’ll learn it during the project, but we definitely expect you to be true to your nature, to read, learn, research, invent. In exchange, we offer relaxed and encouraging atmosphere, and we’ll help you to become a known expert and professional in cyber security.

For further inquires, please contact assistant professor Stjepan Groš via email Stjepan.Gros@fer.hr.

Autor: Renata Peček
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