Around 100 Faculty employees, working in administrative and support services, take care of everyday functioning of the Faculty.

Secretary's Office

The Secretary's Office performs managerial, administrative, professional and technical tasks.

Secretary General:  Goran Ranogajec, dipl. iur.

Secretary's Office Services:

Dean's Office

Ana Fadljević

Office for General Affairs

 Iva Piški, dipl. iur.

Human Resources

Jelena Lončar, dipl. iur.

Student Administration

Petra Lukina, prof.

Technical Support and Maintenance

Aleksandar Petrović, dipl. ing.

Protection at Work and Fire protection

Miroslav Šladarec, dipl. ing.

Public Relations

Petra Škaberna, dipl. nov.




Financial Service

Financial service performs common accounting and bookkeeping activities for the Faculty.

Tajana Abramović Težak, dipl. oec.



Central Faculty Library

Central Faculty Library supports and facilitates education, scientific research and professional work in the field of technical sciences.

Branka Marijanovic, mag. bibl.

Central Faculty Library web page



Information Support Centre

The Faculty Information Support Centre is an organizational unit providing information support, development of information systems, computer network support, supervision over informational safety, technical support for education and e-education, class organization and organization of common computer resources.

Svebor Prstačić, dipl. ing.

Information Support Center web page

Career Centre

Career Centre brings together a number of activities for students of the pre-graduate level, students in the final part of the study, students who graduated within the last two years and FER alumni.

 Prof. Hrvoje Džapo, Ph.D.

Career Centre web page


Research Support Centre

Research Support Centre  (CePI) supports research, work on projects, international research cooperation and supports the issues of intellectual property and technology transfer.

Mirjana Dozan, dipl. ing., MBA.