Other awards

Croatian Academy of Engineering

Croatian Academy of Engineering awards for outstanding contribution to technical and biotechnical sciences and engineering professions, as well as achieving Academy’s goals and programmes and dedicated work which contributed to Academy’s social affirmation. (regulations).

Rikard Podhorsky“ Annual Award

2014.     Prof. Sven Lončarić, Ph.D.
2013.     Prof. Mario Cifrek, Ph.D.

Vera JohanidesAward for the Young Scientists

2014.     Doc. Hrvoje Pandžić, Ph.D.
2013.     Doc. Nikola Mišković, Ph.D.
2013.     Mirko Poljak , Ph.D.
2012.     Martin Žagar, Ph.D.
2011.     Doc. Nina Skorin-Kapov, Ph.D.


IEEE Croatia Section

IEEE Croatia Section Awards:

IEEE Croatia Section “Nikola Tesla” Award is awarded for outstanding contributions to the field of electrical engineering and computing.

2015.     Prof. Branko Jeren, Ph.D.
2014.     Prof. Ignac Lovrek, Ph.D.
2013.     Prof. Nedjeljko Perić, Ph.D.
2012.     Academician prof. Leo Budin, Ph.D.
2011.     Academician prof. Hrvoje Babić, Ph.D.

IEEE Croatia Section Distinguished Service Award is awarded for distinguished volunteer work on promotion of IEEE Croatia Section.

2013.     Associate. prof. Igor Kuzle, Ph.D.

IEEE Croatia Section Outstanding Educator Award is awarded for educational work in economy, state institutions or institutions of higher education.

2015.     Prof. Mirta Baranović, Ph.D.
2014.     Prof. Vladimir Mikuličić, Ph.D.
2012.     Marko Čupić, Ph.D.
2011.     Prof. Vedran Bilas, Ph.D.

IEEE Croatia Section Outstanding Engineer Award is awarded for outstanding professional and innovative contribution to Croatian economy in the field of electrical engineering and computing.

2015.     Associate prof. Damir Žarko, Ph.D.
2014.     Associate prof. Šandor Dembitz, Ph.D.
2013.     Associate prof. Ivana Podnar Žarko, Ph.D.

Friend of IEEE Croatia Section Award – for a special contribution of a company which is supporting work of IEEE volunteers and IEEE membership of its employees.

2012.    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing


Croatian Energy Association

"Hrvoje Požar" Award is awarded for outstanding expert and scientific work in the development of energy industry, innovations in the field of energy industry, realized project of rational energy management, enhancement of environmental quality connected with energy facilities, popularization of energy industry.

2012.     Prof. Sejid Tešnjak,Ph.D., for expert and scientific contribution to the development of energy industry