University of Zagreb awards

Award "Fran Bošnjaković" 

Award "Fran Bošnjaković" is awarded to individuals in Croatia and abroad for scientific results, promotion of scientific disciplines and professions and transfer of knowledge, especially for education of young professionals in the field of Engineering at the University of Zagreb (address, regulations).

2016.    Prof. Sven Lončarić, Ph.D.
2015.    Prof. Stjepan Bogdan, Ph.D.
2013.    Prof. Zdenko Kovačić, Ph.D.    
2009.    Prof. Nedjeljko Perić, Ph.D.    
2003.    Prof. Zijad Haznadar, Ph.D.
1997.    Prof. Danilo Feretić, Ph.D.

Rector’s Award of the University of Zagreb


Prof. Nedjeljko Perić, Ph.D. and prof. Mislav Grgić, Ph.D., for dedicated and committed work in University bodies, as well as for the development and implementation of strategic investment project "Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla";


Prof. Mirta Baranović, Ph.D., for outstanding contribution in the implementation and promotion of international cooperation;


Prof. Zoran Vukić, Ph.D., for successfully competing in the European research field and contributing to improving research potential of the University of Zagreb.