An HRT documentary about the Demand...

The paradigm of the power system is changing: aside from the fact that we will mostly get electricity from renewable energy sources in the future, electricity consumers will no longer be passive but instead active consumers. In light of this, our researchers presented our so-called ''smart kitchen'' (a household that stores, consumes and produces energy on its own) on the Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) show titled Prometej.

This type of household actively participates in balancing the power system! The smart kitchen is integrated into the Demand Response Laboratory (DR Lab) and is comprised of electricity consumers just like any other household. It is connected to solar panels (which we recently wrote about) on the roof of FER. In addition to these panels, there is an electric vehicles charging station as well as a battery energy storage that is stationary and can be charged and discharged as needed. Our researchers are also working on developing an application to manage all of these devices which are connected to WiFi.

Bravo for this big step in the development of infrastructure that will contribute to researching technologies for decarbonisation in the power sector!

Author: Petra Škaberna
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