The FER Alumni Foundation invites members of the Alumni community and everyone else to get involved and help FER students on their way to excellence.

More than 25,000 FER students walked the halls of the faculty, sat at the same desks, learned from the same professors, but each student, today's FER alumni, had his own path and his own story. Only the roof was always shared by everyone.

Our students come from all over Croatia, from different families, different financial opportunities and social circumstances. All of them come to FER full of enthusiasm, desire and ability to achieve - excellence!

Today, the Faculty invites alumni to join in creating equal opportunities for excellence for every FER student.

We create equal opportunities through the newly established FER Alumni Foundation, which will provide financial support to students based on the criteria of lower financial status, with the belief that every student deserves equal opportunities for attending studies and for professional and academic development.

The goal of the Foundation in 2024 is to collect 20,000 EUR in donations and to award 10 annual scholarships of 2,000 EUR.

On the way to achieving this goal, every donation, large and small, one-time or continuous, is important, that's why the Foundation has established different forms and channels of donations - for legal entities and individuals.


Find out more about donation options here - and you will be able to follow the donation collection process in regular posts on FER social networks and website.


More about the FER Alumni Foundation

FER is annually attended by 4,089 male and female students on undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and specialist studies. Students with lower financial status successfully apply for scholarships from various public and private sources, but due to limited scholarship resources, many students "remain below the line" in existing competitions. This deprives them of the necessary conditions for studying and achieving excellence, i.e. equal opportunities for success regardless of their property and social status.

The purpose of the FER Alumni Foundation is to respond to such needs of students and provide a reliable scholarship mechanism within the FER community that will upgrade the existing system and ensure successful studies for students. Ultimately, the Foundation strives for the development of students, the Faculty and the overall economic and social betterment of the Republic of Croatia.

The FER Alumni Foundation was founded by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in September, and was registered in mid-December 2023, and at the same time represents one of the initiatives of the FER Alumni Board, which works with the aim of connecting FER alumni into a strong, reputable and successful alumni community in Croatia and abroad, for a common strengthening the Faculty, with an emphasis on infrastructural and personnel development and international recognition.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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