Associate professor Hrvoje Pandžić,...

"The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts" celebrated its day and the 158th anniversary of its foundation on 29 April 2019. On this occasion, a ceremony was held at the HAZU Palace, where the Academy Awards were presented for the highest scientific and artistic achievements in the Republic of Croatia in 2018.

In the field of technical sciences, the HAZU Award was presented to associate professor Hrvoje Pandžić, PhD, (Department of Energy and Power Systems) for 20 scientific papers ensembled and published in international journals with the title "Increasing the drive efficiency and integration of renewable energy sources by using energy storage systems".

Professor Pandžić got his PhD in 2011. The area of his scientific research includes ​​energy, in particular different aspects of integration of renewable energy sources. Over the years he has developed rich cooperation with foreign and domestic scientists. He is the coordinator of a Horizon 2020 ERA-NET programme project and head of two Croatian Science Foundation projects.

He was given the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences Award for the work entitled "Increasing the drive efficiency and integration of renewable energy sources by using energy storage systems". This work comprises of 20 scientific papers out of which 18 were published in Q1 category journals. The papers present the results of scientific research related to the efficiency of the power system operation in conditions of uncertainty and instability in the production of renewable sources, as well as solutions to increase the share of renewable sources based on energy storage systems. The papers also suggest and evaluate models for the operation of large energy storage systems connected to transmission system, smaller ones connected to users, and electric vehicles as specific energy storage systems. Furthermore, the papers also cover the technical and economic aspects as well as the special features of the Croatian electric power system. Part of this research has found its application in the industry.

Author: Branka Marijanović
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