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During Nederlands Presidency of the EU Commission, the country delegations of all EU member states and non-member states Iceland, Israel, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, were asked to choose one FP7 project per country that makes them proud. The chosen EU projects show the added value of research and innovation projects for the economy and for national, regional and local communities. Two programmes were particularly interesting: 'Regions of Knowledge' and 'Research Potential'.

The booklet “Achievements of FP7 examples that make us proud” was produced with the assistance of these country delegations.

Croatian delegation choosed, from the programme ‘Research Potential’, the project “Developing Croatian Underwater Robotics Research Potential” (CURE) that was coordinated by our Faculty (Laboratory for underwater systems and technologies; coordinator: Prof. Zoran Vukić).

We are also proud that the project we coordinated is on this list of important projects that had a significant and real impact on Europe’s economy and society.

Congratulations to Prof. Vukić and his team!

Author: Ana Filipović
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