STEM Games: 19 medals for FER!

Our students showed enviable results at STEM Games 2022, the largest student STEM competition in the region where participants compete in knowledge, sports and eSports, winning a grand total of 19 medals!

In sports, our students received 13 medals in a total of 17 sports categories, of which 6 are gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze.

The eSports arena brought us three gold medals out of the possible four, our technology and mathematics arena teams scored second, while in the engineering arena our team scored third.

Results for all competing faculties are available here, while the achievements of FER students are available below.

STEM Arenas:

  • Technology arena: 2nd place
  • Engineering arena: 3rd place
  • Mathematics arena: 2nd place
  • Chess: 2nd place

Male sport:

  • Basketball: 2nd place
  • Beach volleyball: 3rd place
  • Volleyball: 1st place
  • Table tennis: 1st place
  • Cross: 3rd place
  • Rowing: 1st place

Female sport:

  • Futsal: 2nd place
  • Basketball: 1st place
  • Handball: 1st place
  • Beach volleyball: 3rd place
  • Volleyball: 2nd place
  • Cross: 1st place


  • League of Legends: 1st place
  • FIFA: 1st place
  • Rocket League: 1st place

We thank all of our contestants who represented our Faculty, the STEM Games organization team, and our own Faculty and partners, who made our participation possible this year.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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