izv. prof. dr. sc. Predrag Pale

Associate professor, Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing

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Predrag Pale earned his dipl. ing. (B.Sc.), mr. sc. (M.S.) and dr.sc. (PhD) degrees from Zagreb University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

His current scientific interest and activity are in the fields of ICT in education, user and man-machine interfaces and ICT security.

He is a consultant and designer, educator and lecturer in the fields of information systems and education.

Microcomputers got into center of his attention already in the high-school and became main subject of interest during study. He was involved in basic computing technologies designing, producing and deploying computer hardware, software, operating systems and computer networks. However, the major part of his almost thirty years of professional activities is in the application and leverage of information and communication technologies (ICT). Deliberately and intentionally he was acquiring broad range of experience from civil engineering and medicine, to libraries and government administration, to business and financial applications, to media and education. During his involvement in industry he gained crucial experience in production and application of ICT in civil engineering and medicine.

Since 1986 he works at the Faculty of Electrical engineering and Computing of Zagreb University researching, leading industrial projects as well as improving and practicing education. He is often a member of national committees for application of ICT in education and public systems like Government task force for National information security program (2005), IT board of Zagreb University (2004), Lifelong and e-learning board of Faculty of electrical engineering and Computing, E-health board of Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences and others.

He is one of the main architects of Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet at the beginning of the nineties as well as the first national broadband computer network, based on ATM technology at the speeds of 155 and 622 Mbps via optical cables, which connected 12 cities in 1996.

In 1992 he co-designed and produced information system of Croatian national news agency – Hina, as well as communication software for the first national on-line transaction system for credit cards.

In 1994 he was the co-author of patent application «IDT – Independent Data Transmission» that enables broadcasting of digital data within the signal of a standard FM radio station.

Predrag Pale initiated the project of Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet in 1991, System of Scientific Information – SZI in 1994 and National Information System for Libraries – NISKA in 1996.

From 1993 to 2000 he served as Deputy minister of science and technology in charge of ICT.

He is the co-founder of Central and Eastern European Networking Association – CEENet, the regional association of national academic and research networking organizations.

Since early nineties he gave numerous invited lectures at international conferences, including frequent invited talks at international events on the topic of privacy and security of information systems, among which was the keynote speech on information warfare for NATO top generals at “Open Road 99” conference. He is often teaching at NATO and RACVIAC workshops.

He received the medal of «The Order of Croatian Star with the Effigy of Rudjer Boskovic», «State Award for Science», Croatian IEEE Chapter Outstanding Engineering Contribution Award and IEEE Education Society „Distinguished Chapter Leadership Award“. He is listed in Croatian Encyclopedia.

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  • Computational and artificial intelligence
    Cognitive systems  Knowledge engineering Knowledge acquisition Knowledge representation Distance learning Electronic learning Learning systems Learning management systems Autonomous mental development
  • Computers and information processing
    Knowledge management Knowledge transfer Open Access YouTube Computer interfaces Input devices Interface phenomena Cyberspace Internet security Peer-to-peer computing Computer security Wearable Computers
  • Education
    Adaptive learning Mentoring Educational technology Computer aided instruction Learning management systems Engineering education Communication engineering education Computer science education Electrical engineering education Electronics engineering education
  • Imaging
    Image forensics
  • Communications technology
    Cyberspace Internet Network security Peer-to-peer computing Internet security

Students' poll results

Good methods used to encourage students. Also an interesting way of lecturing.

The professor delivers great lectures, encourages us to think.

A unique concept of grading, a very useful project. I like the emphasis of the course on the project.

Teaching organization and the teacher are not good, but phenomenal, really exquisite lectures, constant engagement of students in the lecture, resulting in much more learning and interest in the course.

There is also a project that provides practical knowledge, whoever created this way teaching is a true gentleman.

If all courses were like this, I would gain much more knowledge and experience from my schooling.

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Application of ICT in Education
Learning and Teaching Methods

Computer and network security

User Interfaces
Ambient intelligence
Assisted Living

Computer networks
Operating systems
Application of ICT in general


IEEE - Predsjednik Odjela za obrazovanje


Media & Learning Association - member of the board of directors

SEFI - National Coordinator

Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences - E-Health Committee

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