doc. dr. sc. Predrag Pale

Assistant professor, Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing

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  Editor's books

1. 41st International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO) / Skala, Karolj; Koricic, Marko; Galinac Grbac, Tihana; Cicin-Sain, Marina; Sruk, Vlado; Ribaric, Slobodan; Gros, Stjepan; Vrdoljak, Boris; Mauher, Mladen; Tijan, Edvard; Pale, Predrag; Janjic, Matej, editor(s).
Rijeka : IEEE, 2018 (proceedings).
  Book chapters

1. Pale, Predrag.
What State Needs to Counter Non-State Groups in Cyberspace // Countering Terrorist Activities in Cyberspace / Minchev, Zlatogor ; Bogdanoski, Mitko, editor(s).
IOS Press : IOS Press, 2018. Str. 25-31.

2. Pale, Predrag.
Open educational materials // Otvorenost u znanosti visokom obrazovanju / Hebrang Grgić, Ivana, editor(s).
Zagreb : Školska knjiga, 2018. Str. 153-165.

3. Pale, Predrag.
Information Security as a Part of Curricula in Every Professional Domain, Not Just ICT’s // Handbook of Research on Civil Society and National Security in the Era of Cyber Warfare / Hadji-Janev, Metodi Bogdanoski, Mitko, editor(s).
Hershey : IGI Global, 2015. Str. 205-219.

4. Pale, Predrag.
Education as a Long-Term Strategy for Cyber Security // Cyber Security and Resiliency Policy Framework / Susmann, P. ; Braman, E. ; Vaseashta, A., editor(s).
Washington, DC : IOS Press, 2014. Str. 127-134.

5. Pale, Predrag; Gojšić, Jasenka.
Nation-Wide ICT Infrastructure Introduction and its Leverage for Overall Development // Annals of Cases on Information Technology / Khosrow-Pour, Medhi, editor(s).
Hersey ; London ; Melbourn, Sigapour ; Beijing : Idea Group Publishing, 2003. Str. 585-607.

6. Pale, Predrag.
Privacy and Copyright in Telemedicine // Telemedicina u Hrvatskoj: dostignuća i daljni razvitak / Kurjak, Asim Richter, Branimir, editor(s).
Zagreb : Akademija medicinskih znanosti Hrvatske, 2001. Str. 325-332.
  Journal articles and review articles in CC journals

1. Babarović, Toni; Pale, Predrag; Burušić, Josip.
Effects of STEM Intervention Program on Student Attitudes, Interests and Motivation in Primary School: Applicability of Propensity Score Matching Technique. // Društvena istraživanja : časopis za opća društvena pitanja. 23 (2018) , 2; 583-604 (journal article).

2. Skračić, Kristian; Pale, Predrag; Kostanjčar, Zvonko.
Authentication approach using one-time challenge generation based on user behavior patterns captured in transactional data sets. // Computers & security. 67 (2017) ; 107-121 (journal article).

3. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag.
Students’ perception of live lectures’ inherent disadvantages. // Teaching in higher education. 20 (2015) , 2; 143-157 (journal article).

4. Pale, Predrag; Petrović, Juraj; Jeren, Branko.
Assessing the learning potential and students’ perception of rich lecture captures. // Journal of computer assisted learning. 30 (2014) , 2; 187-195 (journal article).

5. Pale, Predrag.
Intrinsic Deficiencies of Lectures as a Teaching Method. // Collegium antropologicum. 37 (2013) , 1; 551-559 (journal article).

6. Pale, Predrag; Miletić, Ivan; Kostanjčar, Zvonko; Pandžić, Hrvoje; Jeren, Branko.
Development of Pyramidia : an integrative e-learning multimedia tool. // International journal of electrical engineering education. 48 (2011) , 3; 264-279 (journal article).

7. Bekić, Zoran; Gojšić, Jasenka; Pale, Predrag.
The role and strategy of an ARNet in a developing country. // Computer Communications. 26 (2003) , 5; 460-464 (journal article).
  Scientific papers in other journals

1. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag; Jeren, Branko.
Online formative assessments in a digital signal processing course: Effects of feedback type and content difficulty on students learning achievements. // Education and Information Technologies. 22 (2017) , 6; 3047-3061 (journal article).

2. Skračić, Kristian; Pale, Predrag; Jeren, Branko.
A distributed authentication architecture and protocol. // Tehnički vjesnik : znanstveno-stručni časopis tehničkih fakulteta Sveučilišta u Osijeku. 24 (2017) , 2; 303-311 (journal article).

3. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag.
Lecturers' reactions to automated lecture capture introduction. // Polytechnic & Design. 4 (2016) , 4; 389-394 (journal article).

4. Pale, Predrag.
What Is A Digital Textbook. // Edupoint. 2 (2002) , 11; (journal article).

5. Pale, Predrag; Marić, Ivan.
The Role and Status of Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet. // Journal of Computing and Information Technology. 1 (1993) ; 79-81 (journal article).
  Nonscientific papers in other journals

1. Kern, Josipa; Bergman Marković, Biserka; Pale, Predrag; Heim, Inge; Trnka, Božica; Rafaj, Goranka; Lončarek, Karmen; Fišter, Kristina; Mađarić, Miroslav; Deželić, Đuro; Ilakovac, Vesna; Erceg, Marijan; Pristaš, Ivan; Margan Šulc, Anamarija; Vuletić, Silvije.
Guidelines for the advancements of electronic health records. // Acta medica Croatica. 71 (2017) , 2; 79-93.

2. Pale, Predrag.
Learning in learning orqanisations. // Open info Trend. 1 (2015) , 200; 18-23 (journal article).

3. Pale, Predrag.
Telemedicine. // Infotrend. 1 (1998) , 1; 1-1 (journal article).
  Plenary/Keynote talks

1. Pale, Predrag.
Paradigm shift of normality, reality and identity influenced by technology and globalization // 3. internacionalna škola iz psihijatrije i kognitivne neuroznanosti / Šendudla-Jengić, VEsna ; Kapović, Miljenko ; Peterlin, Borut ; Zalar, Bojan, editor(s).
Rab : Psihijatrijska bolnica, Rab, 2012. 84-86 (plenary/keynote lecture,published,scientific).
  Published invited lectures

1. Pale, Predrag.
Virtual world: the world of fear or world without fear? // Strah - od stanice do uma : zbornik radova / Šendula-Jengić, Vesna ; Kapović, Miljenko ; Peterlin, Borut ; Zalar, Bojan, editor(s).
Rab : Psihijatrijska bolnica Rab, 2013. 20-24 (invited talk,international peer-review,published,scientific).

2. Ivanović, Jozo; Pale, Predrag.
Heritage as a Relation, Understanding and Communication // Dialogue among Civilizations : The Regional Summit Forum on Communication of Heritage: A New Vision of South East Europe.
95-110 (invited talk,published).

3. Pale, Predrag.
E-teaching: Drivers and Likely Results // EQIBELT 2006 Proceedings / Bekić, Zoran Kučina Softić, Sandra, editor(s).
Zagreb : SRCE, 2006. 35-42 (invited talk,international peer-review,published,expert).

4. Pale, Predrag.
NREN - Beyond the future // Management Issues for Excellence in Research and Education Networking / Gajewski, Jacek ; Belostecinic, G., editor(s).
Chisinau, Moldova : CEENet, 2004. (invited talk,international peer-review,published,expert).

5. Pale, Predrag.
NREN - And The Interaction With The Political Level // NATO - Advanced Network Management Workshop - 2003.
2003. (invited talk,international peer-review,published,expert).

6. Pale, Predrag.
NREN - Its Existence and Mission // The Third CEENet Workshop on Network Managerial Methods, Zagreb, 2002.
CEENet, 2002. (invited talk,international peer-review,published,expert).

7. Pale, Predrag.
Who needs information from Cyberworld, after all? // 2nd CARNet Users Conference CUC 2000 QUEST FOR INFORMATION Web: Towards Meaningful Content / CARNet , editor(s).
Zagreb : CARNet, 2000. (invited talk,domestic peer-review,published,expert).

8. Pale, Predrag.
Information Warfare as a Way of Life // Exploring Emerging Transnational and Asymmetric Challenges to NATO.
Norfolk : NATO/SACLANT, 1999. (invited talk,international peer-review,published,expert).

9. Pale, Predrag.
Library As A Network Node // Digital Libraries: Interdisciplinary Concepts, Challenges and Opportunities / Aparac, Tatjana ; Saračević, Tefko ; Ingwersen, Peter ; Vakkari, Pe, editor(s).
Zagreb : Filozofski fakultet Zagreb ; Naklada Benja, 1999. (invited talk,international peer-review,published,expert).

10. Pale, Predrag.
The Opportunities, Challenges and Obstacles of Becoming an Information Society // Proceedings of InfowarCon '99 / Winn Schwartau, editor(s).
London : MIS Training, 1999. (invited talk,international peer-review,published,expert).

11. Pale, Predrag.
There Will Be Neither Privacy Nor Security in the (Brave New) Cyberworld(s) // The Convergence of the Commercial and the Military Sectors: Vulnerabilites, Capabilities and Solutions / Winn Schwartau, editor(s).
Washington : NCSA, Interpact, OSS, 1996. (invited talk,international peer-review,published,expert).
  Scientific conference papers with international peer-review

1. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag.
Decision trees in formative procedural knowledge assessment // MIPRO, 2017 Proceedings of the 40th International Convention.
(lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

2. Petrović, Juraj; Vitas, Dijana; Pale, Predrag.
Experiences with supervised vs. unsupervised online knowledge assessments in formal education // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2017 / Muštra, Mario ; Vitas, Dijana ; Zovko-Cihlar, Branka, editor(s).
Zagreb, 2017. 255-258 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

3. Petrović, Juraj; Tralić Dijana; Pale, Predrag.
Time aspects of using audience response systems // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2016 / Muštra, Mario ; Tralić, Dijana ; Zovko-Cihlar, Branka, editor(s).
Zagreb, 2016. 273-276 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

4. Petrović, Juraj; Tralić, Dijana; Pale, Predrag.
Learning Benefits of Online Formative Self-Assessments // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2015 / Muštra, Mario ; Tralić, Dijana ; Cihlar-Zovko, Branka, editor(s).
Zagreb, 2015. 243-246 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

5. Skračić, Kristian; Predrag, Pale; Branko, Jeren.
Question based user authentication in commercial environments // .
(lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

6. Pale, Predrag; Petrović, Juraj; Jeren, Branko.
LeCTo: a rich lecture capture solution // MIPRO, 2014 Proceedings of the 37th International Convention.
2014. (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

7. Skračić, Kristian; Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag; Tralić, Dijana.
Virtual wireless penetration testing laboratory model // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2014 / Muštra, Mario ; Tralić, Dijana ; Cihlar-Zovko, Branka, editor(s).
Zadar, 2014. 277-280 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

8. Petrović, Juraj; Jeren, Branko; Pale, Predrag.
Concept maps in computer-assisted knowledge assessment // MIPRO, 2013 Proceedings of the 36th International Convention.
2013. (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

9. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag; Tralić, Dijana.
An Automatized Case-Based Cognitive Skills Assessment Approach // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2013 / Božek, Jelena, editor(s).
Zagreb, 2013. 153-156 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

10. Skračić, Kristian; Pale, Predrag; Jeren, Branko.
Knowledge based authentication requirements // .
2013. 1116-1120 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

11. Jagar, Mario; Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag.
AuResS: The Audience Response System // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2012 / Božek, Jelena ; Grgić, Mislav, editor(s).
Zadar, 2012. 171-174 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

12. Petrović, Juraj; Sović, Ana; Cvitanović, Mihita; Pale, Predrag; Seršić, Damir.
What do students ask themselves during lectures? // 15th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL2012).
Villach, 2012. 1-5 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

13. Pale, Predrag; Sović, Ana; Sović, Ivan; Jeren, Branko.
Some aspects of student teamwork on practical assignments for complex control and measurement systems // Computers in education / Marina Čičin-Šain, Ivan Uroda, Ivana Turčić Prstačić, Ivanka Sluganović, editor(s).
Opatija : Mipro, 2010. 815-820 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

14. Pale, Predrag.
HED 2.0 - How much change does engineering education really need? // Proceedings of 37th Annual Conference of SEFI "Attracting Student in Engineering - Engineering is Fun".
Rotterdam : SEFI, 2009. 1-9 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

15. Katić, Tihomir; Pale, Predrag.
Optimization of Firewall Rules // Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces / Lužar-Stiffler, Vesna ; Dobić Hljuz, Vesna, editor(s).
Zagreb : University Computing Centre, 2007. 685-690 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

16. Miletić, Ivan; Pale, Predrag; Pandžić, Hrvoje; Bogunović, Hrvoje; Jeren, Branko.
The Structure of the Pyramidia E-learning Tool – the Programmer’ s Point of View // Proceedings of 2007 14th International Workshop on Systems, Signals and Image Processing (IWSSIP) & 6th EURASIP Conference Focused on Speech & Image Processing, Multimedia Communications and Services : EC-SIPMCS / Čučej, Žarko ; Planinšič, Peter ; Gleich, Dušan, editor(s).
Maribor : Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2007. 191-194 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

17. Pale, Predrag; Miletić, Ivan; Kostanjčar, Zvonko; Pandžić, Hrvoje; Jeren, Branko.
Pyramidia – An Integrative E-learning Tool // Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer as a Tool : EUROCON 2007.
Varšava, 2007. 2459-2464 (poster,international peer-review,published,scientific).

18. Petković, Tomislav; Kostanjčar, Zvonko; Pale, Predrag.
E-Mail System for Automatic Hoax Recognition // MIPRO 2005 XXVII. International Convention / Budin, Leo ; Ribarić, Slobodan, editor(s).
Opatija : MIPRO HU, 2005. 117-121 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

19. Pale, Predrag; Seršić, Damir; Vučić, Ružica; Žigman, Anđelko; Bartolinčić, Nevenko; Marić, Ivan.
From nothing to the leading edge information infrastructure: the Croatian model // 48th FID Conference and Congress.
The Hague, Netherlands : The Networking Information Society. Int. Federation for Inf. & D, 1998. 183-189 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
  Other refereed conference papers

1. Pale, Predrag; Kostanjčar, Zvonko; Miletić, Ivan; Pandžić, Hrvoje; Jeren, Branko.
A Rich Content Self Study Tool // The 14th European University Information Systems Organisation (EUNIS) congress, EUNIS 2008 VISION IT - Visions for IT in Higher Education.
Aarhus, Denmark : University of Aarhus Universitet, 2008. (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).

2. Pale, Predrag.
Objectives of ICT Use in Education // IIS 2005.
Varaždin : FOI, 2005. (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).

3. Pale, Predrag.
What is a Digital Textbook // 4th CARNet Users Conference / Milinović, Miroslav, editor(s).
Zagreb : CARNet, 2002. (lecture,domestic peer-review,published,expert).

4. Pale, Predrag.
Cybercitizen's Need for Copyright // The Internet: ethics and legal issues / Aparac, Tatjana, editor(s).
Zagreb, 2001. (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).

5. Pale, Predrag.
Information Technology, Academic Community & Future: ARNet Model // Networking Developments in Caucasus Region / Nadreau, Jean-Paul ; Popov, Oliver B., editor(s).
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6. Seršić, Damir; Pale, Predrag; Vučić, Ružica; Žigman, Anđelko; Bartolinčić, Nevenko; Marić, Ivan.
A Nation-Wide 155 Mbps ATM Academic Network Reaches the Desktop // Proceedings of MIPRO'19 ; Computers in Telecommunications (RTE).
Opatija : MIPRO, 1996. 3.7-3.13 (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).

7. Pale, Predrag.
Changes of the medical information systems under the influence of contemporary interactive multimedial technologies // 2. simpozij Hrvatskog društva za medicinsku informatiku : zbornik radova / Kern, Josipa ; Hercigonja-Szekeres, Mira ; Erceg, Marijan, editor(s).
Zagreb : Hrvatsko društvo za medicinsku infromatiku 171-177 (lecture,domestic peer-review,published,expert).

8. Pale, Predrag.
Do computer literate users need a library? // Vjesnik bibliotekara Hrvatske / Sečić, Dora, editor(s).
Zagreb : Hrvatsko bibliotekarsko društvo, 1994. 5-28 (lecture,domestic peer-review,published,expert).

9. Pale, Predrag.
Croatian Academic and Research Network // Proceedings of the INET '93 Conference / Vinton Cerf, editor(s).
San Francisco : Internet Society, 1993. 131-135 (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).

10. Žukina, Igor; Pale, Predrag.
Digital Data Transmition via FM Radio Broadcasting // Zbornik radova 38. međunarodnog godišnjeg skupa KoREMA.
Zagreb, Hrvatska, 1993. 143-147 (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).

11. Žukina, Igor; Pale, Predrag; Šolc, Marijan; Rajnović, Damir; Bengez, Davor.
Information System of The News Agency Hina // Zbornik radova 38. međunarodnog godišnjeg skupa KoREMA.
Zagreb, Hrvatska, 1993. 571-575 (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).

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A Concept of A Complex Multichannel System for Dynamic Measurements // Skup Hrvatskog društva za sustave Umjetna inteligencija pri mjerenju i vođenju : zbornik radova / Bogunović, Nikola ; Jović, Franjo, editor(s).
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13. Pale, Predrag; Bulat, Darko; Marić, Ivan; Šimičić, Ljubimko; Vujnović, Velimir.
Concept and Development of CARNet // Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces.
Zagreb : Sveučilišni računski centar - SRCE, 1992. 265-272 (lecture,international peer-review,published).

14. Pale, Predrag; Marić, Ivan; Vujnović, Velimir; Bulat, Darko; Šimičić, Ljubimko.
Croatian Academic Network CARNet // Umjetna inteligencija pri mjerenju i vođenju / Bogunović, Nikola ; Jović, Franjo, editor(s).
Zagreb : Hrvatsko društvo za sustave, 1992. 167-172 (lecture,domestic peer-review,published,expert).

15. Janković, N.; Pale, Predrag; Samsa. R.; Molnar, V.
Computerised renal patient data in the process of treatment // Zbornik radova 7. kongresa liječnika Jugoslavije.
Ohrid, 1990. 13-15 (lecture,domestic peer-review,published,expert).

16. Pale, Predrag.
DISPROL - Digital Signal Processing Language // ISYNT '89 / Babić, Hrvoje ; Jeren, Branko, editor(s).
Zagreb : ETAN, 1989. 316-319 (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).

17. Pale, Predrag; Vukušić, Goran.
Universal Graphical Progam Interface // XXXII ETAN.
ETAN, 1988. (lecture,domestic peer-review,published,expert).

18. Sršen, Mate; Pale, Predrag.
Yugoslav experience with La Croix deflectograph // Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads and Airfields.
Plymouth, England, 1986. 473-482 (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).

19. Išgum, Velimir; Baturić, Petar; Ribičić, Branko; Pale, Predrag.
A Digital Processing of the Rheoencephalogram // Medica Jadertina / Baturić, Petar, editor(s).
Zadar, 1983. 185-191 (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).
  Abstracts in Book of abstracts

1. Burušić, Josip; Blažev, Mirta; Jagušt, Tomislav; Pale, Predrag; Petrović, Juraj; Babarović, Toni; Dević, Ivan; Šimunović, Mara.
Qualitative analysis of experience, beliefs and attitudes of elementary school children towards STEM intervention program // Book of Abstracts - 13th International Conference DAYS OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY 2017 / Dimitrijević, Bojana ; Panić, Damjana, editor(s).
Niš : Faculty of Philosophy University of Niš, Serbia, 2017. 12-12 (lecture,international peer-review,abstract,scientific).

2. Pale, Predrag.
Matching Requirements of (Tele)Medicine with Properties of ICT // 2nd Croatian Congress on Telemedicine with International Participation / Klapan, Ivica ; Kovač, Mario, editor(s).
Zagreb : Croatian Telemedicine Society of the Croatian Medical Association, 2004. 40-41 (lecture,international peer-review,abstract,expert).

3. Pale, Predrag.
Educational Society // 1st CARNet Users Conference CUC 1999.
Zagreb : CARNet, 1999. (invited talk,domestic peer-review,abstract,expert).

4. Pale, Predrag.
Current State and Development Strategy of Telemedicine Infrastructure // Telemedicina u Hrvatskoj : knjiga izlaganja na znanstvenom skupu / Richter, Branimir, editor(s).
Zagreb (lecture,domestic peer-review,abstract).

5. Pale, Predrag.
GoPIS - Yet Another Directory Service? // Network Services Conference '94.
London : EARN, 1984. 58-58 (poster,international peer-review,abstract,expert).
  Unpublished papers

1. Burušić, Josip; Babarović, Toni; Glasnović Gracin, Dubravka, Reljić, Ina; Šakić, Marija; Selimbegović, Leila; Dević, Ivan; Šimunović, Mara; Blažev, Mirta; Pale, Predrag; Jagušt, Tomislav; Petrović, Juraj.
STEM career aspirations during primary schooling: A cohort-sequential longitudinal study of relations between achievement, self-competence beliefs, and career interests – JOBSTEM // .
(poster,international peer-review,unpublished,scientific).

2. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag.
Lecturers' Reactions To Automated Lecture Capture Introduction // .

3. Skračić, Kristian; Pale, Predrag; Jeren, Branko.
User authentication in e-commerce based on OTP generators // .
(lecture,ppt presentation).

4. Pale, Predrag.
A Long-Term Strategy For Cyber Security // NATO ARW 2013: Best Practices and Innovative Approaches to Develop Cyber Security and Resiliency Policy Framework.
(invited talk,international peer-review,unpublished).

5. Skračić, Kristian; Pale, Predrag; Jeren, Branko.
Overview and analysis of Knowledge Based Authentication // .
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6. Probert, Mark; Bullock, Paul; Pale, Predrag.
Don’t Waste That Project Funding Maximise Your Greatest Asset // .

7. Pale, Predrag.
Societal Impact of Information Warfare // Defining the European Perspective / Winn Schwartau, editor(s).
Washington : NCSA, 1996. (invited talk,international peer-review,unpublished,expert).
  Other papers

1. Prenđa Trupec, Tatjana; Mađarić, Miroslav; Čičin Šajn, Janko; Kern, Josipa; Pale, Predrag; Kezdorf, Vesna; Belani, Hrvoje; Sambunjak, Dario; Pristaš, Ivan; Durut Beslač, Dunja; Celio Cega, Anja; Lazić, Goran; Ljubi, Igor; Pezo, Ozren.
Strategic Plan of eHealth Development in the Republic of Croatia, 2014.

2. Fertalj, Krešimir; Mornar, Vedran; Kovač, Dragan; Hađina, Nikola; Pale, Predrag; Žitnik, Boris.
Comparative analysis of ERP software in Republic of Croatia, 2002. (study).

1. Pale, Predrag; Skračić, Kristian.
Hrvatski patentni glasnik 16 (2015) 1.

1. Kukina, Irena.
Data collection and analysis methodology for computer security incidents / graduate thesis.
Zagreb : Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, 06.09. 2011, 69 pages. Mentor: Seršić, Damir.


Predrag Pale earned his dipl. ing. (B.Sc.), mr. sc. (M.S.) and (PhD) degrees from Zagreb University, Faculty of Electrical engineering and Computing.

His current scientific interest and activity are in the fields of ICT in education, user and man-machine interfaces and ICT security.

He is a consultant and designer, educator and lecturer in the fields of information systems and education.

Microcomputers got into center of his attention already in the high-school and became main subject of interest during study. He was involved in basic computing technologies designing, producing and deploying computer hardware, software, operating systems and computer networks. However, the major part of his almost thirty years of professional activities is in the application and leverage of information and communication technologies (ICT). Deliberately and intentionally he was acquiring broad range of experience from civil engineering and medicine, to libraries and government administration, to business and financial applications, to media and education. During his involvement in industry he gained crucial experience in production and application of ICT in civil engineering and medicine.

Since 1986 he works at the Faculty of Electrical engineering and Computing of Zagreb University researching, leading industrial projects as well as improving and practicing education. He is often a member of national committees for application of ICT in education and public systems like Government task force for National information security program (2005), IT board of Zagreb University (2004), Lifelong and e-learning board of Faculty of electrical engineering and Computing, E-health board of Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences and others.

He is one of the main architects of Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet at the beginning of the nineties as well as the first national broadband computer network, based on ATM technology at the speeds of 155 and 622 Mbps via optical cables, which connected 12 cities in 1996.

In 1992 he co-designed and produced information system of Croatian national news agency – Hina, as well as communication software for the first national on-line transaction system for credit cards.

In 1994 he was the co-author of patent application «IDT – Independent Data Transmission» that enables broadcasting of digital data within the signal of a standard FM radio station.

Predrag Pale initiated the project of Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet in 1991, System of Scientific Information – SZI in 1994 and National Information System for Libraries – NISKA in 1996.

From 1993 to 2000 he served as Deputy minister of science and technology in charge of ICT.

He is the co-founder of Central and Eastern European Networking Association – CEENet, the regional association of national academic and research networking organizations.

Since early nineties he gave numerous invited lectures at international conferences, including frequent invited talks at international events on the topic of privacy and security of information systems, among which was the keynote speech on information warfare for NATO top generals at “Open Road 99” conference. He is often teaching at NATO and RACVIAC workshops.

He received the medal of «The Order of Croatian Star with the Effigy of Rudjer Boskovic», «State Award for Science» and Croatian IEEE Chapter Outstanding Engineering Contribution Award. He is listed in Croatian Encyclopedia.

Teaching duties

University undergraduate

University graduate

Post-graduation study


  • Computational and artificial intelligence
    Cognitive systems  Knowledge engineering Knowledge acquisition Knowledge representation Distance learning Electronic learning Learning systems Learning management systems Autonomous mental development
  • Computers and information processing
    Knowledge management Knowledge transfer Open Access YouTube Computer interfaces Input devices Interface phenomena Cyberspace Internet security Peer-to-peer computing Computer security Wearable Computers
  • Education
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