Physical Education and Welfare at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is divided into core and elective programs. Core programs include all activities that take place during the regular class hours of the faculty.

Elective programs are held outside of regular class hours and encompass team sports, hiking tours, sports activities of student associations, and sports activities in collaboration with other faculties (horizontal mobility).

From the activities in the core program (class hours), you can choose from the following: badminton (please bring your own racket if possible), boxing, bodyweight training/circuit training, basketball, small football (soccer), and the gym.
From the elective programs (some are outside of class hours), you can choose from sections such as basketball, handball, volleyball, futsal, rowing, cross country running, powerlifting, chess, Go, and e-sports.

In the summer semester, teams are formed for soccer and water polo.

Among student associations, we highlight the Club of Electrical Engineering Students (KSET), which offers a cycling section and a hiking section as part of its sports activities.

For a detailed schedule of activities, please refer to the Schedule.

Additionally, as physical education teachers, we support the development of lesser-known or new sports, and you can exempt yourself from regular classes by joining the lacrosse club or trying a new sport - BJOT. You can find more information about them in the announcements that we publish at the beginning of each semester.