Instructions (Conditions for Signatures, Exemptions)


Physical Education and Welfare at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing for the new academic year 2023/2024 are held at the Cedevita Basketball Hall - Cedevita Junior Basketball Club, Avenija Dubrovnik 15/26 (entrance from the Radoslav Cimerman Street).

Extracurricular activities will take place at the Zrinjevac Bowling Center – Boćarski dom (Prisavlje 2), the Šalata Football Center – NC Šalata (Avenija Dubrovnik 15, Velesajam, pavilion 1, 10010 Novi Zagreb), and the Trešnjevka Rowing Club (additional information will be provided later).

At the beginning of each semester, based on the provided Physical Education and Welfare schedule, students select one of the sports activities scheduled for that day during the class hours. According to the class schedule and personal preferences, you can enroll in your chosen activity. Enrollments for all teaching activities will be open via the subject's website.

You can confirm your attendance in class either by using a personal QR code or by having the instructor record it.
By no later than October 15th of the current year in the winter semester and March 7th of the current year in the summer semester, all students are required to enroll in one of the extracurricular activities or elective programs of their choice.

Passing Criteria for the Course

It is obligatory and meaningful to attend the same chosen activity for the entire semester and to attend classes regularly every week. In each semester, you are required to have 12 class attendances.

For students who choose one of the extracurricular activities of sports sections, attendance records are kept by the activity leader. Regular attendance at training sessions and adherence to the rules of the chosen section are important.

Please adhere to the following rules:
•    Attend classes on time and exclusively in the group to which you are enrolled.
•    Enrollments are made at the end of each class session.
•    Proper sports attire and sports clothing are mandatory.
•    Valuables (mobile phones, laptops, wallets) should be brought into the sports hall; do not leave them in the locker rooms.
•    Entering the sports hall in the middle of a class session is not allowed.



Signature Transfer - Students who have fulfilled their obligations to the Physical Education and Welfare course at any of the higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia and have received a signature will have it recognized for the Physical Education and Welfare course at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb.

You need to provide a certificate with grade transcripts or your student ID. Please bring the certificate for inspection to Professor Nera Žigić, regardless of whether you have previously submitted it to the student services.

Sports Exemption - Students may be partially or fully exempted on sports grounds. The percentage of the exemption is determined by the course instructor, and the necessary documentation for exemption is submitted during the first month of the semester to the subject instructor during consultations. Athletes whose primary sport is part of the university sports competition system are obligated to compete for the faculty, as otherwise, the exemption will not be accepted.. To qualify for an exemption, you need to provide:

•    A certificate from the sports association and club for which you compete.
•    A certificate of athlete categorization (if available).
•    A copy of the sports ID with a valid medical examination.
•    A certificate from the club you train with in Zagreb, if you compete for a club that is not from Zagreb and its surroundings.

Health Exemption - Students can be exempted based on their health condition throughout the entire semester and/or throughout the academic year. You need to provide health documentation from the responsible or family doctor, confirming the medical history and the period during which exercising was impossible. The doctor's certificate alone is not sufficient!! The final decision is made by the subject Professor Žigić, during consultations.

The responsible doctor for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is Dr. Ljiljana Đurić, Specialist in School Medicine, Knežija Health Center, Albaharijeva bb.