dr. sc. Krešimir Križanović

Associate, Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing

  Journal articles and review articles in CC journals
Evaluation of hybrid and non-hybrid methods for de novo assembly of nanopore reads. // Bioinformatics. 32 (2016) , 17; 2582-2589 (journal article).
Geospatial data streams : Formal framework and implementation. // Data & knowledge engineering. 91 (2014) ; 1-16 (journal article).
  Scientific papers in other journals
A Protocol For Self-Organizing Peer-to-Peer Network Supporting Content-Based Search. // WSEAS TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION SCIENCE AND APPLICATIONS. 5 (2008) , 5; (journal article).
  Conference reports (abstracts) in other journals
RNA Transcriptome Mapping with GraphMap // Bioinformatics Research and Applications 13th International Symposium, ISBRA 2017 / Cai, Zhipeng ; Daescu, Ovidiu ; Li, Min, editor(s).
  Scientific conference papers with international peer-review
TGTP-DB – a database for extracting genome, transcriptome and proteome data using taxonomy // Proceedings of the 39th International Convention Mipro 2016, Distributed Computing, Visualization and Biomedical Engineering /DC VIS / Biljanović, Petar, editor(s).
Some new results on assessment of Q-gram filter efficiency // 9th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA) 2015 . proceedings.
OCEANUS: A Spatio-Temporal Data Stream System Prototype // ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on GeoStreaming (IWGS) 2012.
Implementation of Spatio-Temporal Data Types with Java Generic // Recent Research in Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering and Data Bases.
Data Types and Operations for Spatio-Temporal Data Streams // Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management / Zaslavsky, Arkady ; Chrysanthis, Panos K ; Lun Lee, Dik ; Chakraborty, Dipanjan ; Kalogeraki, Vana ; Mokbel, Mohamed F ; Chow, Chi-Yin, editor(s).
Spatio-Temporal Data Streams: An Approach to Managing Moving Objects // MIPRO 2010, Vol. III - Intelligent Systems / Bogunović N., Ribarić S, editor(s).
Content-Based Search Using Self-Organizing Peer-to-Peer Network // Proceedings fo the 2nd WSEAS International Conference On Computer Engineering And Applications : CEA'08 : Advances On Software Engineering, Parallel And Distributed Systems / Zadeh A. Lofti ; Kacprzyk Janus ; Kazovsky, Leonid ; Borne, Pierre ; Mastorakis, Nikos ; Kuri-Morales, Angel ; Sakellaris, Ioannis, editor(s).
The Tanagra Project - A Simple MDBS API // Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces / Budin, Leo ; Lužar-Stiffler, Vesna ; Bekić, Zoran ; Hljuz Dobrić, Vesna, editor(s).
Spatio-temporal extension of a data stream management system / doctoral thesis.
  Master thesis
Integer Programming in Some Scheduling Problems / pre-Bologna master thesis.
  Graduation thesis
Terrain classification based on sattelite images in different spectral bands / pre-Bologna graduate thesis.
  Other papers
Croatian Geographical Names Database, 2007. (expertise).
ISVU - Higher Education Information System, 2000.-2004. (program code).
Long RNA-Seq Alignment / baccalaureus graduate thesis.
RNA-seq Alignment Using Existing Gene Annotations / baccalaureus graduate thesis.
Tree of Bloom Filters / baccalaureus graduate thesis.
Real-Time Analysis of a Metagenomic Sample Obtained by Nanopore Based Sequencing Technology / graduate thesis.

Teaching duties

University undergraduate