Low Voltage Networks and Microgrids

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain and apply the basic concepts of low voltage networks
  2. Explain the principles of microgrids
  3. Analyze the voltage conditions in the low voltage network
  4. Analyze the current situation in the low voltage network
  5. Analyze low-voltage networks protection settings

Forms of Teaching



Field work


Week by Week Schedule

  1. Introduction to AC and DC microgrids.
  2. Microgrids investment models; Off-grid operation and control of microgrids.
  3. Coordinated operation of microgrids and the power system; Modeling of the microgrid elements; Hyerarchial control of microgrids.
  4. Environmental benefits of microgrids; Microgrid as an ancillary service provider.
  5. Storage system operation in microgrids.
  6. Low voltage protection devices; Protection coordination; Protection in activelow voltage grids.
  7. Electric installations design; Load types, Load operation and control; Installations network protection.
  8. Midterm exam.
  9. Asymetries from electric installation connection; Demand response programs; Shedding load, coordinating consumption, load inertia.
  10. Infrastructure requirements for demand response; Pricing demand response; Impact of demand response of the power system; Electric Vehicles as flexible load.
  11. Connection to the MV utility distribution network; Connection to the LV utility distribution network; MV and LV architecture selection guide.
  12. LV distribution; Characteristcs of particular sources and loads; Residental and other special locations electrical installations; Designing of LV electrical installation (ABB DOC).
  13. Sizing and protection electrical equipment (ABB DOC); Selection of LV switchgear (ABB DOC); Economic evaluation od electrical design (ABB DOC).
  14. Sizing and protection of conductors; LV switchgear: functions and selection; Protection against voltage srges in LV; Protection against electric shocks.
  15. Final exam.

Study Programmes

University undergraduate
Computing (study)
Elective Courses (6. semester)
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (study)
Elective Courses (6. semester)
Electrical Power Engineering (module)
Elective Courses (6. semester)


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